Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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A Word From Our Executive Director - July 16, 2014
On July 16, 2014, a group of eight is heading to Mozambique. How did this come about? A few years ago, Russell Carle had been training Advent Christian pastors in Mozambique. At the pastors’ conferences, a group of women were present to cook meals. The women began to ask, “When are you going to send someone to teach us?” Out of approximately 40 women, there are very few, maybe four, who can read and write. In response to the question, Lana Jernigan, Lauren Baucom, Jason Boyette, Joe Brown, Cynthia Lee and Tabitha Ward, will be connecting with Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting and Global Training Initiative Coordinator Jeff Vann to share the story of God with a group of women using an oral storytelling method with simple illustrations that can be easily shared with others. They will return home on July 30, 2014. Bryce and Jeff, however, will go from Mozambique to the DRC and not return home until August 5, 2014.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - July 9, 2014
One of our major efforts here at Advent Christian General Conference is to connect with our churches and communicate with our membership around the world. The weekly free E-News has proven to be one of the most successful tools of communication. We have the capability to deliver current news and updates to every person, home, church and office that has an e-mail account. Our desire is to increase our connectivity and share the encouraging news from our churches and mission fields with as many people we can. I would like to invite every one of our current subscribers to help us expand our circulation of the ACENews. As an individual, invite your friends to sign up for this free weekly publication. As a church, I would like to ask you have a “subscription campaign.”
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A Word From Our Executive Director - July 2, 2014
It’s pretty quiet around here when compared to all that was happening this time last week. The 2014 Triennial Convention was well attended and, from all reports, appreciated by all. Some of the “Big News” that came out of the convention follows:

1.   Rev. Steve Lawson was elected President, Rev. Glenn Fell as Recording Secretary and Rev. Rob Buchanan as Member-at-Large. 

2.  The delegates approved the 2015 operational budget of $1,956,650. It should be noted that every year since the 2011 triennial session, ACGC finished the year in the black. 
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A Word From Our Executive Director - June 18, 2014
“Dedicated at Every Turn” is the theme for the Twelfth Triennial, fifty-seventh session of the Advent Christian General Conference of America, Inc. The team that serves you from the Charlotte offices has demonstrated that dedication as they have been preparing for the 2014 Triennial Convention. Just as many of you are beginning to pack for your trip to Charlotte, N.C., to attend the 2014 Triennial Convention, we are packing here as well. Gift bags for all who have registered, books and shirts for Venture Bookstore, AV equipment, computers, printers, copier, snacks and toys for the nursery and lots of other items will be loaded in the vans and taken over to the convention site today.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - June 11, 2014
This Friday, June 13, 2014, is the last day to register for the Advent Christian General Conference Triennial Convention, which is being held at Charlotte, N.C., June 21 - 25, 2014. You can register on line by going to www.acgctriennial.com . If you have any specific questions, please call us at 1-800-676-0694, and we will be more than happy to assist you.
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