Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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A Word From Our Executive Director - September 10, 2014
We as a denomination have been extremely blessed as we have partnered with some nationally known ministries.Some of the finest resources have been made available to us at little or no cost. Much of this quality material and learning events have been offered to our churches and leaders. One example of the benefits that come out of a partnership is the arrangement we have with Intimate Life®. A husband and wife in ministry can qualify for a grant that would cover the cost of a Galatians 6:6 Retreat — a time of personal renewal and encouragement for ministry couples. Because of this partnership ACGC has provided the means by which 30 couples have been able to attend these retreats.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - September 3, 2014
September has traditionally been recognized by Advent Christians as a time to give attention to stewardship. I found it interesting, and at times amusing and a bit alarming to discover what fads, habits and cravings attract the American consumer. For example: last year we spent $117 billion on fast foods, $65 billion on soft drinks, $2.3 billion on tattoos, $16 billion on chocolate, $1.4 billion on teeth whiteners, $310 million on pet Halloween costumes, $550 million on pretzels and $500 million Twinkies®. We are a nation that spends freely to satisfy our appetites and bolster our self image. We as Christians are to be good stewards with our money. If we are good stewards, why is it that 86% of churches in America today are struggling financially?
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A Word From Our Executive Director - August 27, 2014
I trust all our churches in North America have received the recent mailing from our offices, which was to call attention to Pastor Appreciation Month. Hopefully, all our churches will find a way to tell their pastors that they are appreciated and loved. The mailing offered a few suggestions as to what a church might do to demonstrate love and respect for the one who serves as their shepherd. There are a number of good books and other gifts available through our Venture Bookstore. It would really be a wonderful gift if the church would consider providing the opportunity for your pastor and spouse to attend a Galatians 6:6 Retreat. (We included a brochure in the mailing.)
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A Word From Our Executive Director - August 20, 2014
It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Walterboro, S.C. I arrived at Grace Advent Christian Church in time to visit and pray with Pastor Wayne Lucas. It was more than a quiet time together in the Prayer Room. It also included walking the halls outside the Sunday school rooms and laying our hands on the doors of every class room, praying for the teachers and students on the other side of each door. Prior to the morning service, we were joined by a group of men, again in the Prayer Room to pray for the worship service. 

As people entered the sanctuary they were quick to greet each other and were warm and gracious to the many visitors, many who had come to witness the five baptisms that concluded the worship hour.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - August 13, 2014
A little less than two months ago, the 2014 Triennial Convention was being held in Charlotte, N.C. Since then, we all have returned to the routines determined by work, family and ministry. My guess is that very few outside the offices in Charlotte are thinking about the summer of 2017. The fact is, planning for the 2017 Triennial Convention is being addressed now, as site location is one of the biggest challenges we face. Finding the facilities that can accommodate the size of our event, closely located to a major airport, meets the expressed preferences of our attendees and is reasonably affordable are some of the major factors that are considered in the selection of a site.
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