Monday, October 20, 2014
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A Word From Our Executive Director - October 15, 2014
Facebook® has certainly found its place in the world of communications. I confess that I am a “Facebookie.” For me, it is not the preferred way to stay in touch with family and friends. I still like letters and phone calls. But it is a fact that it delivers so much more information than what might be contained in written correspondence or conversation. Instant messaging and attached pictures let me know right away where my Facebook® friends are and what they have done that day or what they are doing at the very time they post their “News Feed.” 

We have a number of our churches using Facebook® to announce upcoming events, share happenings within the lives of church members, posting sermons and pictures.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - October 8, 2014
In an effort to be fully transparent with our financial health, we wanted to let you know that our revenue projections from United Ministries and Penny Crusade are not being met. Currently all of our bills are paid, and we are doing well in keeping our expenses in check, but given our current revenues, we are projecting finishing the year with a $17,000 dollar deficit for United Ministries.

We are extremely grateful for all of the 145 churches that have contributed to this year’s Penny Crusade campaign. However, this year’s giving is behind all but two of the last 15 years. September was the worst month for Penny Crusade on record.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - October 1, 2014
I wish there was a way I could introduce to all our churches and members the people who work here at ACGC. The staff who serve you from the Charlotte offices are some very dedicated and faithful workers. Collectively, they bring to our denomination a variety of gifts, skills and talents that are invested in the responsibilities that come out of their desire to serve. It is my privilege and pleasure to work alongside such a great group of people who are committed to the mission and purpose of ACGC. 

Recently, we took the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of a couple of our employees. Pictured above are Rev. Justin Nash, our Director of Communication, and Rev. Matt Larkin, Coordinator of Student & Kids’ Ministries.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - September 24, 2014
Titus 2:13 was the theme verse for the 2014 annual meetings of the Missouri Valley Conference of Advent Christian Churches. I was privileged to be invited to join the officers and delegates of the conference this past weekend at the Tivoli Hills Resort near Clarksville, Mo. Terry and Kathi Cook hosted the event and it was a delightful three days. There was a worship service Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday morning. We also shared from the common loaf and cup for a communion service Sunday morning. In addition to the meetings of various boards and groups, Terry had arranged for a men’s activity Saturday afternoon.
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A Word From Our Executive Director - September 17, 2014
Do you ever wonder what happens to the reports you fill out every year for ACGC? I ask this question to let you know that the information we receive from those standard annual reports are important to us, to your region and to your conference. I want you to know that Dr. “Sam” Warren, our Director of Nurture, and I take the time to read the reports with the purpose to learn what are the things of importance to our ministers and what is happening in our churches. For example: we are interested in knowing if the ACGC resources are being used by our church leaders. How many are subscribers of the weekly E-News, the “Witness,” or use the Penny Crusade or Prayer Emphasis material?
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