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News From Around Our Churches - November 27, 2013
MYANMAR (Names withheld for security reasons)
Church Planting Continues

Pastor D., one of our Advent Christian Conference of Myanmar leaders, reports as follows about one of his organization’s church planters and seeks our prayers for this brother and his ministries:

“Greetings and we are happy to report about one of our church planters in our ministry. His name is Pastor B. N. and he is working hard for his village.

“He is going from village-to-village and house-to-house to share the good news of Jesus Christ to non-Christians.
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News From Around Our Churches - November 20, 2013
In a span of less than 30 days, the Philippines has been the scene for two major natural disasters. On October 15 the central islands of the Philippines suffered a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Then, on November 9, typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm ever on record in the Philippines, slammed through the same region. Both events destroyed church buildings and damaged the homes of many Advent Christians in the area. ACGC initially released $5,000 from the Emergency Relief fund to help with recovery from the earthquake. Another $5,000 is being sent to assist in further recovery efforts from the typhoon. 
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News From Around Our Churches - November 13, 2013
Oro Bible College

Report on Typhoon Yolanda from Oro Bible College (OBC) Director Nely Gamayon 

We thank the Lord we're safe from the super Typhoon Yolanda as Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental were warned ahead of time. Because of the tragedy in December 2011, the whole Province, as well as the places identified to be the areas hit by the storm, were prepared for evacuation a few days before the typhoon would take landfall. Fortunately for us in Cagayan de Oro (where OBC is located), we were better prepared this time. Unfortunately, in Tacloban, Leyte and the neighboring towns and cities, the people were not so prepared with the storm surge, so  the typhoon has left a higher toll in property devastation and loss of lives.
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News From Around Our Churches - November 6, 2013
Sufficient funds were sent to Pastor Paul, to enable him to purchase mosquito nets for all the villagers to reduce the incidence of malaria, which has been causing such severe illness in the village. The smile on each of the faces of the last group of villagers to receive their nets tells the story of their gratitude. 

Pastor Paul was concerned at the lack of a means to transport those who are sick and injured from his village and the other 84 villages in the area to the one available hospital in the region.
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News From Around Our Churches - October 30, 2013
West Bay Advent Christian Church:

Our annual Homecoming and Revival was September 22 - 24. We started with Homecoming this year and invited all to come to our three revival services on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. Homecoming featured a concert by a very fine gospel trio, Undivided. Brother Gene Peters was our guest speaker. It was a great privilege for us to have his wife, Sandy, join him.

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