Saturday, September 20, 2014
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News From Around Our Churches - October 16, 2013
This past weekend, a group of women in ministry from Hilltop AC Church and Brays AC Church in Missouri met to attend a LEAD Team launch at Camp Wilderness led by Beth Larkin (ACGC Department of Nurture). It was a great time of sharing, supporting and encouraging each other, not to mention the great food! Many of these women made a long-term commitment to be involved in this LEAD Team, which will have its first retreat in January. If you are interested in more details about LEAD Teams, please visit or contact the Department of Nurture at ACGC (1-800-676-0694).
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News From Around Our Churches - October 9, 2013

El Shaddai Advent Christian Church

Bertin and Genevieve Mwanya, pastors at El Shaddai Advent Christian Church, called a group of men and women to serve as elders, deacons and deaconesses. These leaders will serve and assist Bertin and Genevieve in the running of this newly planted Advent Christian church. The ceremony of commissioning the elders and deacons, along with the deaconesses, was held this past Sunday, October 6, during the worship service. These men and women will begin intensive training as a step to know more on the duties and qualifications of an elder and a deacon. 
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News From Around Our Churches - October 2, 2013
Lenoir - Central Advent Christian Church began their Penny Crusade program in September. Inspired by John and Maeo's "Soup of Love" in Thailand, the members had their own "Community Soup of Love" and, on Sept. 8, invited the people who live in the church community to participate. Different varieties of homemade soups, as well as various sandwiches were served to approximately 50 community members, plus the regular church members. A second "Community Meal" was held on Sept. 22 with increased attendance.
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News From Around Our Churches - September 25, 2013
The ladies of the Appalachian Region recently enjoyed a refreshing time on the mountain as they participated in Women’s Retreat 2013 at Blowing Rock Campground. With the theme “Cozy Mountain Lodge,” 49 ladies enjoyed a wiener roast and campfire, craft, games and fellowship. Extensive decorations and activities inspired the feeling of actually spending the weekend at a mountain lodge. Karen Hall, Lisa Davis and Palma Neal led encouraging sessions based on the story of Ruth and Naomi.
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News From Around Our Churches - September 18, 2013
Four Oaks – On Sunday, September 8, 2013, the WHFMS of Lees Chapel AC Church observed WHFMS Women’s Sunday. The ladies presented the program written by Gloria Denning from Stones Creek AC Church titled, Welcome to Eternity, based on Revelation 19:6-11. 

The WHFMS ladies ( and one gentleman) portrayed the characters in the program who were: Director -  Sandra Blackmon, president of WHFMS; Narrator - Ann Jackson; Judy – Frances Blackmon; Saul/Paul – Andy Garris (who exchanges PERSECUTOR for PREACHER);
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