Advent Christian Commission on Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Colonel) Michael Gardner, US Army (Ret.), Chairman

Military service takes its members away from home, family, community, church and places them in a new environment, often in harms way. The military provides alternate means of caring for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of its members. Chaplains are appointed to minister to the spiritual needs of the command and its members. A chaplain advises his/her command on all religious, moral, and morale matters. A chaplain provides services, sacraments, pastoral counseling, and other ministrations. Every chaplain is endorsed by his/her denomination and agrees to provide positive witness to faith, and respect for other faiths.

The Advent Christian Church has sent clergy to meet these needs since beginning in WWII. Our chaplains maintain contact with local churches encouraging prayer and material support of their ministry. Chaplains have not "left the ministry," rather they have expanded their pastoral outreach to all personnel in their unit, parish, or area of assignment. They encourage and facilitate the free exercise of religious faith and practice, coordinating their own positive witness and ministry with that of chaplains of other faiths to enhance the spiritual health of the parish.

Active Duty

Chaplain (MAJ) Carl W. Otis, United States Army

Chaplain (LT) Douglas E. Holmes, United States Navy

US Air Force Reserve

Chaplain (CPT) Eric Dixon

Army National Guard (ARNG)

Chaplain (MAJ) Earl E. Weigelt

Chaplain Candidates

Veterans (VA) Hospital Chaplaincy

Chaplain Paul F. Bricker

Civilian Hospital / Law Enforcement

Chaplain Doug Williams


Chaplain (Col.) Ronald S. Bezanson, US Army (Retired)

Chaplain (LTC) Craig R. Dunham, US Army (Retired)

Chaplain (LTC) William M. Gardner, USAR (Retired)

Chaplain (Col.) Kimon A. Nicolaides, III
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Chaplain (CPT) Mark Plum, Oklahoma National Guard

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