From ACGC – April 11, 2018

                    Steve Lawson

This week we will look at the final part of the strategic plan for ACGC: the Department of Home Missions. ACGC has had a Department of Home Missions in the past, but now the focus is truly on missions in North America and Canada. The fact that churches are closing at an alarming rate across denominational lines should concern all believers, especially if we are not reacting by launching missional efforts to reach the unsaved of our communities.

The number of churches that are closing is more than those that are being planted. The mission of ACGC in Home Missions is to resource and enable planting of evangelical churches across the United States and Canada. Our vision is to see gospel-centered churches that are focused on disciple-making with a mindset of multiplication of churches and outreach.

Church planting has been a part of the strategic plan since 2011, and across our regions and conferences, there have been attempts at planting churches with many that only meet minimal stability. We realize we need to seek help in this area. Through partnerships with church planting organizations, we have gained tools to help our church planters, but we need to go a step further.

Over the next year, ACGC will be consulting with Converge, a very successful organization that is focused on church planting and church health. With their help, we will be looking at our strengths, weaknesses and attitudes toward church planting to develop a strategic plan directly related to church planting. Rev. Lee Stephenson, the executive director of church planting for Converge, will be our consultant. Beginning in May, he will be meeting with ACGC leadership, regional leadership, and some who have been involved with church revitalization and planting. The goal is to shape a system with churches, conferences and regions so that they will have church planters who are well-prepared to plant and lead healthy churches in underserved areas.

Please be in prayer for our work with Converge and our efforts to find and develop leadership that will lead us in this vital area of ministry here in North America.

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