From ACGC – April 4, 2018

This week, I will return to talking about the next department in our new strategic plan: the Department of International Missions. We have changed the name from World Outreach to specifically focus on the world beyond the United States and Canada, distinguishing from the Department of Home Missions, which I will write about in a future article.

Missions has always been an important part of the Advent Christian denomination, and to realize how far-reaching our denomination has become shows how God has blessed us in our ministry. Over the last few decades, missions has become much more focused on supporting the indigenous pastors and conference leaders whom we work with around the world. As we thought about ACGC’s focus touching areas that would be labeled “unreached people groups,” we thought about how to reach the hearts of the unsaved who have never heard about Jesus and have no real opportunity to hear. Only 27 percent of our missions’ funds go to support ministry in these areas and in areas that we already have mission contacts. Our percentage as Advent Christians compared to many other groups is much higher, but not nearly as focused as we need to be in reaching these specific areas of the world.

As we look at International Missions and the ministry of ACGC, our vision is to see Christ glorified among all the people groups of the world. Our role is to provide means for our churches to plant and lay gospel foundations cross-culturally around the world. The goal is to establish reproducing churches among the unreached people groups of the world. It is not our desire to abandon our current relationships with established mission fields, but to reach out and partner with other organizations that are trying to spread the gospel message into places that don’t have access to the Bible or Christians to tell the message of Jesus. This will take serious commitment and devoted prayer to seek God’s hand in opening closed doors and providing ways into these areas. We are seeking for God to raise up those with hearts devoted to these people who need to hear the message of Christ.

We ask all of you to join us in praying for God to lead us through these opportunities and see God’s kingdom work accomplished through his faithful servants.

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