From ACGC – August 1, 2018

                 Steve Lawson

It’s been great to hear the reports coming in from various AC camps around the country! Many of our camps have seen an increase in attendance, and even those who were not blessed in that way have been blessed with a wonderful moving of the Holy Spirit.

On Wednesday, I made my way to the Appalachian AC Campground in Blowing Rock, NC for the Family Camp and enjoyed the afternoon and the evening service. My wife, Karen, was cooking for the camp and I helped out for a few of the meals while I was there. It was great to be in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and enjoy the wonderful temperatures of this area. On Wednesday I made my way to the camp and enjoyed the afternoon and the evening service. Rev. Michael Bassett from Holly Grove AC Church in Benson was the main speaker and Ron Thomas was the Bible teacher. It was a great time of fellowship, worship and learning with all ages participating.

I met with the Regional Board for most of Thursday and heard reports from the conferences and future plans for the campground. The next day, I met with the WHFMS ladies who were celebrating their 70th birthday as a WHFMS regional group. I gave a brief report about our International and Home Missions work and even had the privilege of getting a piece of the birthday cake! Later in the afternoon, Superintendent Bill Millinor led a presentation about social media and how it can be used in youth ministry. Rob and Pam Buchanan led us in a concert of prayer following our evening meal.

On Saturday, the Appalachian Regional Meetings began at 9:00 a.m. with President Frank Hall sharing devotions and leading the meeting. I shared the origin and current working of ACGC’s strategic plan, and there were many other reports about activities around the region including Bill Millinor’s sharing about Summer Ministries, youth camps and regional ministries. This year Rev. Frank Hall concluded serving as regional president after 10 years. Rev. Lois Dodd ended his role as president of Appalachian Vocational Institute and Rev. Norm Sherwood will not run for regional treasurer. These men have served for many years in regional work. Rev. Travis Hutcheson, who was elected as the regional president closed the meeting with prayer.

   Frank Hall Leading the Meetings

Superintendent Bill Millinor Leading a Seminar on Social Media

WHFMS National President Sharing with the WHFMS Ladies

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