From ACGC – August 8, 2018

Last week, Karen and I traveled up to Alton Bay for their annual members’ meeting. It was a great trip and I had the opportunity to visit and meet with a number of members along with the Alton Bay board. I enjoy making this trip to ABCCC since so many of the cottage owners are around and I get to see the facility being used in so many different ways. This year, Soul Fest (a contemporary Christian music festival) was going on and most of the hotel rooms were filled, so we were able to stay in one of the area cottages. It was great to experience the coziness of the cottage and be a part of the community up close and personal. Even though the weather was rainy part of the time, the beauty and climate of the Alton Bay community was a welcome change from the humidity and heat of North Carolina.

On Friday, I had a Zoom video meeting with Lee Stephenson from Converge to discuss our upcoming Church Planting 101 course, to be held here at ACGC. If you are interested, please let us know at our office (1-800-676-0694) or contact your regional superintendent. We are hoping to have 25 participate in this course. Lee will also be teaching a course to our senior staff and regional leadership on the guiding points of a church planting program on Friday.

On Saturday morning, the ABCCC membership met. After voting on board members and hearing a report from Brad Smith about the ministries and finances, there was a question and answer time for the members. As you would expect, there were some questions about community issues, but overall it was a great time of hearing about how God continues to use the ministry. In the evening, there was a concert from Three Bridges, a southern gospel trio.

On Sunday morning, we attended the worship service at the Tabernacle. Rev. Willie Batson led the service and Rev. David Bezanson brought a wonderful message from 2 Corinthians 4. The service was led by a worship team who, through song and Scripture, led us to our glorious God in worship. It was truly a wonderful time of gathering at Alton Bay Christian Conference Center.