From ACGC – August 9, 2017

                   Steve Lawson

This past week was a busy week here in Charlotte at ACGC offices, we had a team freshly back from Malawi and another team that was in Croatia while a third group was finishing up in Mozambique and Malawi. You could say we were going and coming through our offices. Plus, add the business of vacations by some of our staff and a short trips like my trip to Alton Bay and Camp Washington. This was a busy week of keeping up with everyone around the world.

My trip to Alton Bay was a blessing to get away from the hot weather and enjoy great fellowship at a wonderful conference and retreat center in New Hampshire. I flew up on Thursday and drove up to Camp Washington in Maine on Friday to see all the great work they have done since the tragedy of the fire. They will be having a dedication this weekend so I am not going to say too much about it until next week, but God has been busy directing, blessing and building the faith and trust of some hard working people. If you are around, you need to go by and see God’s handiwork!

On Saturday, Alton Bay Conference and Retreat Center hosted the community town hall meeting and elections of the board of directors. It was wonderful to hear of the many things that have been accomplished on the camp grounds and the blessings of both the cottage owners and the many groups that have been there through this past year. Many people shared during the meeting concerns and questions for the board and director Brad Smith; it was a time of both sharing praises and informing about decisions, budgets and blessings. That evening I enjoyed a great concert from Christian music artist, Allison Speer. It was a great time of fellowship with wonderful people in a beautiful place.

For those who follow me on Facebook, you know my heart was torn needing to be home with my wife, Karen. She was admitted to hospital on Friday to have series of test on her heart but PTL all the tests came back that her heart is in great shape, but she WILL be following up with other tests. The crazy weather made it impossible for me to get home early to be with her, but a huge thank you to Karen’s sister Wendy who made a quick trip from Nashville to be with her while she waited in the hospital. So thankful for all our great brothers and sister in Charlotte and around the family of God who prayed and reached out to us during this time.