From ACGC – December 5, 2018

                            Darren Bantz

As I write this, Jeff Walsh and I are in Logan International Airport waiting to go to Thailand. It will be a long week with a variety of meetings plus an opportunity to see our work there.

I participated in the Alton Bay board meetings on Saturday, and was able to meet with Darren Bantz on Friday and Sunday afternoon. My time with Darren focused both on our partnership with Oxford Church in Leadership Development and Darren’s ongoing work in our Home Missions relationship with Converge. While in the area, I also had time with Matt Larkin, who gave updates on Leadership Development – which continues to be an exciting part of the strategic plan. It has unfolded very differently from our initial thoughts, but God’s hand has been seen in each step opening doors and closing them. I also received updates from Beth Larkin on Women’s Ministry and how the move to Maine has presented new opportunities for ministering to women. She and Karen Hall continue to work closely on WHFMS programs and communication.

                                 Matt Larkin

The Alton Bay board discussed plans for the upcoming summer and future development of the retreat programs. Director Brad Smith updated us on positive financials of the ABCCC for 2018. If you have the opportunity to visit the grounds or participate in a retreat, you will be blessed by the wonderful spirit of the staff and the presence of Holy Spirit.

Please be in prayer for Jeff and me this week as we travel and discuss the future of International Missions for ACGC!

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