From ACGC – February 14, 2018

                   Steve Lawson

The Executive Council met last week, which included orientation for four new council members. In case you are not aware of who the council members are, they are listed below. Our Executive Council is made up of the officers of the Advent Christian General Conference, three members-at-large elected through our Triennial Convention, five regional presidents and five regional representatives elected or appointed by their regions and ratified at the Triennial Convention. Please keep all of these members in your prayers as they serve the Advent Christian General Conference.

A lot of our time last week was spent discussing ACGC’s new strategic plan “Way to Grow” and how we desire to serve our local churches throughout the denomination. This is rooted in the current plan that has taken a strong hold across the denomination. The four points of this new plan are:

• Loving the Lost
• Leadership Development
• Church Health
• Church Planting

The directors of ACGC laid out our plans to fulfill these points with specific directions and goals, including a restructuring of our departments. These new areas give mission and vision for helping our churches to thrive, not just survive.

Leadership Development: Director, Matt Larkin
Church Health and Revitalization: Director, Justin Nash
International Missions: Director, Jeff Walsh
Home Missions: A new area that is being developed with the consultation of “Converge,” a successful church planting group/denomination that works with other denominations to plant churches.

You will be hearing more about these departments at your regional and conference meetings, but please be in prayer for all our leadership as we strive to minister to our churches and help them share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ.

Executive Council Members:
* indicates new members

Rev. Paul Dean

Recording Secretary
*Mr. Thomas Loghry

Rev. David Davis
Rev. Rob Buchanan
*Dr. Adrian Dixon

Regional Presidents
Rev. R. Franklin Hall
Rev. Raymond Bezanson
Rev. George Karl
Rev. John Gallagher (Acting President)
Rev. Rick Qualls

Regional Representatives
*Mr. C.J. Nicely
Mrs. Kathy Woolfington
Mr. Charlie Merrill
*Mrs. Shanda Snead
Mr. Brad Neil

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