From ACGC – July 12, 2017

                  Steve Lawson

The 2017 Triennial Convention was a powerful time of Advent Christians coming together to engage in reporting, discussion, vision casting and serious business. All of these things were accomplished in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. I have to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at ACGC and their many hours of preparation and dedication to serving during the convention, not to mention the clean-up and putting away afterwards. (Special appreciation to four young pastors from New England and the Summer Ministry Team who helped late into the night on Wednesday).

There were a lot of items of business on the table when we began the convention and our interim president Paul Dean did a masterful job of working through them all the way until Wednesday afternoon. Our many volunteers for registration, credentials, tellers and door keepers did a great job on keeping things moving and making sure we were all in proper order and up to date.

One of the privileges I had that was not planned was facilitating the Vision Forum on Leadership Development. Matt Larkin was scheduled to lead this, but his wife Beth had to go to the hospital and I was privileged to step in and lead. Beth is doing much better and was home by Sunday and then off to work a camp in Maine the next week. (PTL)The Vision Forum went well and I was pleased with the discussion. One of the key things that came out of the discussion was the need to identify young and older rising leaders in the church.Then when they are identified, we must encourage, train, mentor and be ready to send them out in service. Our discussion also centered on our current educational opportunities and our need to identify other possibilities for our leaders to work with along with AC educational plans. It was noted that there are funds available in a number of places throughout the denomination and may be found on the website, through your local regions, conferences and WHFMS groups.

This Triennial Convention is in the books and we are excited about our future as a denomination. We have already begun to think about 2020 Triennial and where God is leading. So please begin to plan now to make attending a priority as we strive to fulfill our mission that Christ has given to us, “That the World May Know,” John 17:23.