From ACGC – June 13, 2018

As ACGC moves forward in the area of leadership development, we are excited to share the opening of our first field office for leadership training. We will be partnering with Oxford Advent Christian Church in Oxford, Maine. Matt and Beth Larkin will be moving to Oxford to begin a role with the church working in leadership training and development. This is an exciting and bold step for the Larkins, and one that they truly believe God has lead them to undertake. Beth will continue to work for ACGC as Coordinator of Women’s Ministry and Event Planning. This will also be exciting from them to move back closer to their families as they continue in ministry.

The desire for these field offices is two-fold. First, to develop and maintain stronger connections with those training for ministry in college and seminary settings. Second, to develop and provide more localized training opportunities for those who seek other paths toward their callings. Given the more localized nature of this approach, we will be able to have relationships around the denomination with individuals that fill the call to full-time Christian ministry. As Matt gets settled in New England, we want to encourage pastors, conference/regional leaders, camp counselors and parents to share with Matt the names of individuals who are in the process of biblical education, show potential as leaders or have expressed God’s leading them into ministry – either in the area of pastoral, missions or church planting. This will be vital to develop the relationship we need to fill the pipelines of training to prepare our future leaders.

If you are a pastor who would be interest in participating in training, teaching or mentoring in this program of developing emerging leaders, please contact Matt Larkin at