From ACGC – May 16, 2018

Front Row (L-R): Jeff Walsh, Matt Larkin, Bill Millinor; Back Row (L-R): Steve Lawson, Lee Stephenson, Justin Nash, Merle Beal, Darren Bantz, Jack Mumford, Johnson Raju, Rick Qualls

The Advent Christian Church has a history of church planting with some success, and some that did not go so well. In our new strategic plan, we have focused on the church planting element of the Department of Home Missions, specifically on reaching the underserved communities and unreached people groups of North America. This past week, some of our pastors who have either planted churches or been involved with church restoration met in Charlotte with Lee Stephenson from Converge. It was a packed week of examining the history of the Advent Christian movement, our key periods of growth, our critical moments and our goals and focuses through the years. It was beneficial to hear the viewpoints of the various pastors who have lived through different ages and regions of our denomination.

Lee Stephenson took us through “StratOp” sessions, which is a series of exercises circling down to a final focus with specific tasks, all relating to church planting and Department of Home Missions goals. These were interesting and exhausting as we really worked hard at putting into words the various stages of our denominational history, but they also proved to be valuable for our moving forward. Our new assignments involve communicating with key leaders and identifying funds set aside throughout the denomination for church planting. We will also be working on a prayer focus related to praying for church planters and potential planting locations where underserved and unreached people groups exist.

These are exciting times of developing key ministries for fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

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