From ACGC – November 28, 2018

                              Steve Lawson

It was good to get back into the office after a tour of the Southeast over the last two weeks. Karen and I are still recovering from a great time with our grandchildren and daughter in Houston, Texas over the holidays. This week, I am catching up on office work and preparing for another trip with Jeff Walsh next week. I continue to be excited about our work with the strategic plan in all four key areas. It stretches our staff, as we are working with fewer directors, coordinators and support staff, but the desire to reach out and share Christ with the underserved and unreached peoples of the world drives us forward. As we move toward Christmas, it is important to remember the reason for the season and the many opportunities we have of sharing that message in our day-to-day lives. For many people, the message of Christmas is all about gifts and parties, but for those of us who know about and have received the greatest gift ever given, it is about sharing that gift. I enjoy the gatherings and the decorations, but I have to admit I get overwhelmed with the materialism to the point of having a very humbug attitude. However, when I start focusing on the sharing about Jesus even in the smallest ways, my Christmas spirit returns and it is a joyous time.

I want to encourage you as we enter this season to grab hold of the message of Christmas and the many tools we have to share: The Advent calendars and candles that tell the story through the many prophecies and fulfillments of Scripture; the Christmas Cards that preach the message with joyous glad tidings; even the messages behind the Christmas decorations and the foods that we eat. Take a few minutes to research these messages and share them with your family and friends. Let’s make this Christmas a celebration of our Savior’s birth and how it changed our world!

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