From ACGC – November 8, 2017

                      Steve Lawson

Last Thursday and Friday, the ACGC Focus Group had their meeting here in Charlotte. This group was formed out of the 2014 Triennial to study and bring recommendation to the Executive Council on critical items that our denomination was facing and continues to deal with today. It has been a privilege to be a member of this group of leaders and to have been involved in the discussions that led up to the 2017 Triennial. The subjects assigned to this group have not been completely dealt with, but the three-year commitment they were ask to make has been met, so we are looking at regrouping and moving forward. I want to express my appreciation to all those members and the faithfulness they have shown over the last three years. Please be in prayer as we report to the Executive Council in February and move forward, thankful for the progress we have made to this point and for the momentum coming out of the Triennial Convention.

Please be in prayer for the board of trustees for Berkshire Christian College as we head to Fort Worth, Texas to meet on Thursday and Friday. I am excited to hear from new president Dr. Glenn Rice, since he was not able to participate last year due to family issues. The leadership and direction he has already shown has given new life to the ministry of Berkshire Christian. The opportunity for pastors to take an e-Berkshire course free of charge has generated some interesting conversations, and hopefully many will participate in these courses. If you are interested, see the announcements in this week’s E-News (here) and click on the link from Berkshire for more information.