From ACGC – September 13, 2017

                  Steve Lawson

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? Our lives can change so quickly by an act of terror or a dangerous situation. I remember how churches opened their doors for special prayer meetings and people began to turn to God when faced with an uncertain future. These past few weeks I have heard many acknowledging their dependence on God even when we don’t know what may be going to happen. Psalm 46, my favorite psalm, is my reminder that this world can change, but my God is faithful and I need to stop to acknowledge that truth!

These last few weeks I have been watching the weather much more than usual with the hurricanes traveling through Texas, Alabama and now up through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.We spent the day today (Tuesday) out of the office since we lost electricity last night due to a tree falling on power lines up the road. It took almost 24 hours for the power company to redo the poles and lines and ended up turning off power for our neighborhood for most of the afternoon. It was nothing to complain about compared to what so many other people are going through due to these last two storms.

Thankfully, that we have heard of to this point, all of our people are safe with minimal damage. Ray Marco shared that his house and the church in Miami are okay, but have not heard about church members yet. The churches up the coast have not reported any major damage, just a big mess. The Advent Christian Village weathered the storm, taking care of all their residents and community. They have a great group of people that are experienced at preparing and working through the unique challenges of a retirement community. They lost a number of trees and had many roads blocked, but again no major damage. On up the coast and through the Eastern states all from whom I have heard are struggling with lost power and limited resources, but are safe and blessed. My family in Florida, Georgia and Alabama are all safe. We are thankful that those we know of are safe and recovering, but we are praying for those who have lost so much in the paths of these storms. I have sent out some questions to pastors who were in the direct path of the storm to see if we need to respond to any specific needs in our churches or church families. We will let you know if we have special needs within our Advent Christian Church family and how we can respond!