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From ACGC- February 21, 2018

Over the next few weeks I want to share about the new strategic plan that the ACGC staff laid out for the Executive Council during our recent council meetings. This plan was developed over the months since the Triennial Session in July 2017. Our staff began evaluating the current strategic plan that has been in use since 2011, seeking to determine what changes, if any, needed to be made. Our desire was to increase the fruitfulness and efficiency of the ministry of ACGC (which we define as all those who work out of the office in Charlotte). What I will be sharing are the results of work, prayers and sacrifice of our senior staff and we truly believe this plan is a “Way 2 Grow” for the Advent Christian Denomination.

The former plan, which focused on our desire to be faithful to the “Great Commission” and “Great Commandment,” specifically targeted four key areas:

We found this plan had both positive and negative parts we wanted to examine.

News From Our Churches – February 21, 2018


Pastor Johnson Odoyo conducted an open-air service in the Igudija Village on February 10 and 11, 2018. Pastor Odoyo writes, “Hallelujah! People receive the Lord!”

 People Coming Forward to Receive Prayer

Announcements & Upcoming Events – February 21, 2018


ECFA’s two popular annual tax guides are now available on You are welcome to share the following link and instructions directly with your church:
Follow the three steps below to access your FREE eBooks: Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy and Church Reporting Made Easy.

1. Sign in to ECFA’s FREE resource community at
2. Click the “Electronic Tax Guides” icon on the dashboard.
3. Download your tax guides.

International Missions – February 21, 2018

Rowena and Erwin Cabrizos and Their Children

News from Missionaries Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos

The Lord is good! The theme that God has given to us this year is JOYFUL IN HOPE. We continue to praise God for his goodness and greatness to our family and to the ministry that he has entrusted upon us. Erwin, Zoe and I spent our New Year in Japan while our two girls were in the Philippines with my siblings. Erwin left ahead of us and flew back to the Philippines on January 4, while the two of us flew back on January 11. Aside from our regular activities, below are some of the things that we thank God for during our most recent time in Japan:

From ACGC – February 14, 2018

                   Steve Lawson

The Executive Council met last week, which included orientation for four new council members. In case you are not aware of who the council members are, they are listed below. Our Executive Council is made up of the officers of the Advent Christian General Conference, three members-at-large elected through our Triennial Convention, five regional presidents and five regional representatives elected or appointed by their regions and ratified at the Triennial Convention. Please keep all of these members in your prayers as they serve the Advent Christian General Conference.

A lot of our time last week was spent discussing ACGC’s new strategic plan “Way to Grow” and how we desire to serve our local churches throughout the denomination. This is rooted in the current plan that has taken a strong hold across the denomination. The four points of this new plan are:

• Loving the Lost
• Leadership Development
• Church Health
• Church Planting

The directors of ACGC laid out our plans to fulfill these points with specific directions and goals, including a restructuring of our departments. These new areas give mission and vision for helping our churches to thrive, not just survive.