Articles By ACGC

From ACGC – November 8, 2017

                      Steve Lawson

Last Thursday and Friday, the ACGC Focus Group had their meeting here in Charlotte. This group was formed out of the 2014 Triennial to study and bring recommendation to the Executive Council on critical items that our denomination was facing and continues to deal with today. It has been a privilege to be a member of this group of leaders and to have been involved in the discussions that led up to the 2017 Triennial. The subjects assigned to this group have not been completely dealt with, but the three-year commitment they were ask to make has been met, so we are looking at regrouping and moving forward. I want to express my appreciation to all those members and the faithfulness they have shown over the last three years. Please be in prayer as we report to the Executive Council in February and move forward, thankful for the progress we have made to this point and for the momentum coming out of the Triennial Convention.

News From Our Churches – November 8, 2017

                    Pastor Juan with the Baseball Team


In a recent “Whatsapp” chat with Pastor Juan Murua in La Paz, he excitedly reported that they are now serving full-time and living on the church property purchased a few years ago. This has allowed him and his wife, Eva, to minister more effectively in the community. Currently, they are giving guitar lessons and teaching baseball as methods of outreach. They have ministered effectively in the community for many years, but have been unable to live close to the community. Thanks to a trailer purchase, they are able to live on the property that now doubles as a home church and a home for the pastor and his wife.

Announcements & Upcoming Events – November 8, 2017


The annual delegate meeting of the Advent Christian Village, Inc., will be held Friday, November 17, 2017, at 1:00 p.m., in the Bixler Memorial Chapel, Dowling Park, Florida. Each conference that is a member of the Advent Christian General Conference is a member of the corporation and entitled to one delegate for each one hundred members or major fractional part.

Conferences are invited to send delegates to this meeting. Each delegate should present duly authorized credentials from the appointing conference.

World Outreach – November 8, 2017

             Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

The Welcome Challenges of Communication

Phone calls to Heaven: “Hi Lord, this is Bryce. Thanks for answering as you always do.”

Phone calls to Africa: “The number you are calling is not answering. Please call back later.”

In Liberia, our conference president Moses Gbaa is in a remote location where his phone does not often receive messages. A phone call for him means a trip to the city. If his family has food to eat and if there is some left over, he may purchase some minutes that are added to his phone. Then he may make a call to the US whereby I will receive the call, hang up and call him back immediately. The Liberian accent is very soft on the endings of many words causing me to rack my brain to keep up with the conversation.

Student & Family Ministries – November 8, 2017

                 Matt Larkin & Lana Jernigan

A Recognition

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to recognize someone who has been a friend, mentor and leader to many of us. Lana Jernigan, who has been known to many of us around the AC network, for her service at Camp Dixie, has worn many hats in our denomination. Lana has served as a workshop leader, a developer of leaders and a thought leader, as well as on many different boards and committees.