Ministry Overview

Established:  2006

Affiliated:  2008

Churches:  45

Members:  6,300 (2010)

Field Leader:  Simeon Nzishura


Current Ministry

Burundi, a small country in central Africa, has been struggling in recent decades with civil war and political instability. Because of this, our conference leader, Bishop Simeon Nzishura, initiates peace efforts to try to alleviate the effects of this strife on the families in his villages. Our Burundi Advent Christian Conference pastors follow his lead in reaching out to all groups with the gospel.

Pastoral support, building churches and schools, training, and kingdom fellowship are some of the methods used by Bishop Simeon to keep his conference leaders motivated and growing:

Evangelism and church growth are the thrust of their ministry. Area Director Russell Carle characterizes our Burundi congregations: “They are more like the Adventists who said at the outset of our movement, ‘We need to get as many people saved as we can before the Lord comes.’”

The hallmark of their success is that the conference is home to Tutsi, Hutu, and Pygmy churches. These normally warring factions, often mistrustful of each other, have come together in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a reflection of His kingdom to come.

The conference has a school for children in central Burundi. There is strong emphasis on stewardship and economic development. The conference provides ongoing training for pastors. It makes a vigorous attempt to build churches for local congregations. As in many of our other conferences our family in Burundi has been deeply wounded by the AIDS epidemic. As a result they struggle to care for hundreds of orphans.

Our Burundi churches also have a very rigid system of financial accountability. New pastors are given three months to learn and effectively use their system or withdraw their application to be a pastor with this fellowship. Proper financial training and direct and mature dealing with problems are model characteristics of our Burundi conference.

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