From ACGC – October 23, 2019

Retiring President Leith Anderson

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) held their fall board meetings at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. last week. Leadership from over 150 association members were eligible to attend. On Wednesday, Bethel hosted a presentation with 10 speakers who discussed sexual harassment in the church and in other Christian organizations. The topics included:

  • biblical history of positive and negative relationships between Jews and Christians,
  • insurance and court lawyers who deal with cases involving victims and accused perpetrators of sexual harassment,
  • messages from denominational leaders who have prepared for and struggled through harassment cases in their churches,
  • a word from a senior pastor who has dealt with issues in the church.

From ACGC – October 16, 2019

                     Vernon Homes and Nursing Home

This week, I traveled up to Vernon, Vt. to participate in Advent Christian Retirement Communities (ACRC) board meetings at Vernon Homes. ACRC consists of two communities: Vernon Homes, which includes Vernon Advent Christian Homes Assisted Living, Vernon Birches Apartments and Vernon Green Nursing Home, as well as Meeting House Village Apartments in Kittery, Maine, which host both the North and South Campuses. Larry Knowles is President of ACRC and Executive Director of Meeting House Village and Brad Ellis is Executive Director of Vernon AC Homes. Vernon Homes has been caring for retirees since 1920 and is striving to meet the changing needs of seniors in our current society.

From ACGC – October 9, 2019

          (L) Converge pastor Nate Hettinga, (R) Pastor Carl Crouse

This past week, I participated in the Western Regional Conference meetings in Seattle, Wash. It was a great time of fellowshipping with delegates and learning about the churches in the region. Superintendent Rick Qualls put together a great day on Friday with reports from most of the directors and coordinators from ACGC.

From ACGC – October 2, 2019

                                 Steve Lawson

Our world is getting smaller and smaller in terms of keeping in touch. Between cell phones with no long distance, texting, e-mail, Facebook and websites, it is easy to keep up with what is going on if one wants to invest the time and effort. I want to encourage you make it a priority to keep in touch with what is happening with ACGC and with your conferences and regions. If you are reading this, I may be preaching to the choir but there are other areas beyond E-News to keep in touch.

From ACGC – September 25, 2019

                               Steve Lawson

Don’t you love going to meetings? OK, so maybe that is a dumb question, but you would think with my job, I would love going to meetings. My schedule for the next two months is full of meetings both all over North America. Really I don’t like meetings, but I enjoy connecting with people. Meetings are a necessary part of getting things done on a denominational level, and I say that right after finishing Executive Council meetings that were tough in a lot of ways, but very necessary. However, the great part of having these meetings is getting together with people I really appreciate, respect and consider my friends. We tackle tough problems, hear reports and examine financial statements, but we also laugh, catch up on family, friends and ministry and talk about the Lord in powerful times of fellowship.