From ACGC – August 21, 2019

In last week’s E-News, we encouraged you to save the date August 9 – 13 for the 2020 Triennial Convention at Great Wolf Lodge here in Concord, N.C. This proves to be a great convention for our leaders to come together and bring their families. Working with the Great Wolf Lodge, we were able to negotiate a better price on rooms, but have to pay for the meeting areas – so although your registration is higher, the overall cost is the same or maybe a little lower. We’re hoping that leaders will take this opportunity to bring their families to the Triennial to build relationships and celebrate who we are as a denomination together.

From ACGC – August 14, 2019


The 14th triennial and 59th session of the Advent Christian General Conference of America Inc. will be held on August 9 – 13, 2020 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, N.C.

ARTICLE II — Meeting

Section 1. Each church with membership in one of the Conferences shall be entitled to one delegate for each 100 members or major fraction thereof, provided each church shall be entitled to at least one delegate. Each Conference with membership in one of the Regions shall be entitled to one delegate for each 200 members or major fraction thereof, at least one-half of whom must be lay members, provided Conference shall be entitled to at least one delegate.
Each Conference President shall have a delegate vote. Each Regional Superintendent shall have a delegate vote. Each of the 15 members of the Executive Council, provided for in Article IV, Section 2, shall have a delegate vote. Each Associate member designated in Article I, Section I, shall be entitled to two delegates. Each para-church organization extended Associate membership under the provisions of Article I, Section 2, shall be entitled to one delegate. (GC 93-42).

From ACGC – August 7, 2019

This past week I had the opportunity to attend “Grow Conference” at the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham Ala. My sister and her husband attend this church and have been telling me about this conference for the last few years. It is designed to come alongside pastors and help them grow their churches. Church of the Highlands is a mega-church in central Alabama and has 26 campuses and broadcasts into many of the local prisons. During this conference the church staff members are encouraged to share with pastors and literally give material, supplies, and tools that are not critical to worship the next Sunday.

SACA Superintendent, Rev. Joe Pritchett, joined me for the conference and we both truly enjoyed the fellowship and worship with about 800 pastors and leaders at our campus along with about 25,000 at other campuses.

From ACGC – July 31, 2019

Licensed and ordained ministers of the Georgia Conference

It is always interesting to participate in various conference and regional meetings. A number of our regions have begun to have meetings every three years, which makes attending them even more important, since we don’t have many opportunities to get together. I am pleased that ACGC has the opportunity to share with both conferences and regions about what is happening through our coordinators and directors. The contacts, questions and information we have during these times is vital for us to keep in touch with leadership and delegates from our churches.

From ACGC – July 24, 2019

This past weekend, I enjoyed going up to Blowing Rock, N.C. to be at Family Camp at Appalachian Advent Christian Campground. It brought back some great memories of my camp days as a young person at Camp Georgolina. I went through all the seasons from a junior camper, to senior/Counselor In Training, secondary staff, and counselor. Later, as I served as a pastor, I worked at Camp Suwannee bringing kids over from our church in West Bay, Fla. for four consecutive weeks of camp. Then I worked with Camp Dixie serving on the board, counseling, directing, teaching Bible and enjoying the ministry. It has been great this year hearing the awesome reports from our camps; some have had record numbers this year at all levels but more importantly, it’s wonderful to hear about the deep spiritual atmosphere that camp life brings. Being at camp was always a time of spiritual growth in my life. I established relationships that are still strong today and when we get together, we remember those times as close friends.