From ACGC – July 19, 2017

                     Steve Lawson

By now most of you have heard of the action taken at Triennial Conference to reverse the adopting of Article XII and adding it to the Declaration of Principles. This action in no way lessens the need to support our pastors and churches in standing firm on the biblical view of marriage and human sexuality. The action taken by the Executive Council was based on the guidelines found in the Executive Council Manual as it currently stands. The issue came when researching another issue; we found an action taken by the Triennial delegate body of 1981 that created the process previously found in the Executive Council Manual. The fact that this was done by the delegate body brought into question the power of the Executive Council to change the process and allow us to move forward with Article XII. Since in our research we could not find when or why this was put in the Executive Council Manual, it was decided to reverse our action and establish an “Enduring Resolution” stating our view on human sexuality to give support to our pastors, churches and associate members.

From ACGC – July 12, 2017

                  Steve Lawson

The 2017 Triennial Convention was a powerful time of Advent Christians coming together to engage in reporting, discussion, vision casting and serious business. All of these things were accomplished in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. I have to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at ACGC and their many hours of preparation and dedication to serving during the convention, not to mention the clean-up and putting away afterwards. (Special appreciation to four young pastors from New England and the Summer Ministry Team who helped late into the night on Wednesday).

From ACGC – July 5, 2017

                  Steve Lawson

The 2017 Triennial Convention Business Session for Advent Christian General Conference was officially adjourned by President Paul Dean at about 1:45 pm on Thursday afternoon. (Yes, 1:45 pm without a lunch break!) I have to say the desire to have our delegates engage in conversation, vision casting and business and give input into our Departmental Discussions was a huge success. We will have an E-News dedicated to the results and reports from the Triennial soon, but I wanted to express my appreciation to all those who volunteered, served on committees and especially to our ACGC office personnel; you all did a great job and made this Convention one to remember.

From ACGC – June 21, 2017

The Triennial Convention week is finally here and we are getting all the materials ready to begin this Saturday. It is going to be an exciting, educational and rewarding convention with the different seminars, town hall meetings and department reports along with the vision forums that will take place. The staff here at ACGC will be working all week to prepare and on Wednesday will begin to take the equipment and materials over to the hotel. Our Executive Council and superintendents will be coming in on Wednesday and Thursday to begin our meetings Thursday night, all day Friday and possibly Saturday morning. Please be in prayer for these meetings as we prepare for the Triennial, discuss reports and plans for the coming six months.

From ACGC – June 14, 2017

Inside the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel

We have fewer than two weeks before the 2017 ACGC Triennial Convention begins here in Charlotte, N.C. If you have not registered, it is not too late but rooms at the Renaissance may be hard to find. If you can’t get a room let us know, we have some alternate suggestions you might consider.

I wanted to share some basic information with you so that when you arrive you will be able to find the hotel or get a ride from the airport.