From ACGC – April 10, 2019

                                Steve Lawson

As we approach Passion Week for the celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection, it is always humbling to remember the sacrifice and love that drove Jesus to endure the cross for us. Since I have become Executive Director of ACGC and no longer serve as a pastor of a church, my focus and mindfulness of Easter has taken on a different level of intent. As a pastor, I was always looking for ways to plug people into the real meaning behind the Easter celebration and all that was fulfilled by the trials, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in Old Testament prophesies. In my current role, my focus has shifted more to my own mind as I come to the Easter season – staying focused on the deep meaning of what Christ accomplished on the cross for us. As each of us come to the upcoming holiday season, we need to overcome the world’s influence to make this just another empty holiday of time off and instead remember the plan of salvation and the sacrifice of Christ.

From ACGC – April 3, 2019

                                   Steve Lawson

As we move closer to Leadership Conference, I want to encourage all of our pastor and leaders who are planning to attend to begin to pray for the conference and how God will use our time together. It is important to remember our goals in coming together involve our working on a strategy for each of us to develop leaders in our churches. Our time together will not just be sitting and listening but participating in strategic thinking, discussions and planning. If you have not registered, it is not too late; we are still accepting registrations and really want you to join us. Register here.

From ACGC – March 27, 2019

“Passing the Mantle,” the 2019 Leader’s Conference, is just a little over a month away, in Waymart, Penn. I hope you have already registered for the conference and are planning to join us. This conference is designed to help you learn about discipleship and leave with a custom plan for your ministry. Kevin Peck will be sharing in our large group gatherings, but also participating in affinity groups to work with our leaders in developing a plan for training leaders in their ministries.

From ACGC – March 20, 2019

                                    Steve Lawson

This week, I want to unfold our Leadership Development training program. Matt Larkin, Jack Mumford and Adrian Dixon, along with a few others who have helped to develop this program, have done a great job planning out a three-year ministry training plan. This program, entitled “Ministry Training Institute (M.T.I),” will focus on “Empowering God’s Church to Fulfill God’s Mission.”

Over the three years, each student will have 15 courses designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and ministry. The first year will focus on biblical studies; the second year will concentrate on theological studies; the third year will give opportunity for ministry training. Course work will be three-credit-hour audio/visual lessons that follow a blended learning style.

From ACGC – March 13, 2019

                            Steve Lawson

This has been and will continue to be a month of travels and meetings. Last week, I traveled from Boston to Orlando and then to Advent Christian Village to meet with a number of people including Rev. Art Stone, interim pastor for the Village Church. I also spent some time with Village President Craig Carter, and we discussed the recent article in Christianity Today about the history and ministry of the village. If you haven’t seen this article, visit