International Missions – August 21, 2019



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International Missions – August 14, 2019

                                            Bryce Whiting


An occasional vacation often brings a reality check, reminding me that turning off the internet and the telephone does not mean that God has stopped working.

A phone call to Tanzania full of background noise:
“Sorry, Brother Bryce! We are doing an open-air crusade! People are coming to Jesus! Please call me again in two hours!” (Johnson Odoyo)

International Missions – August 7, 2019


Submitted by John Gilbert, Latin America Area Director

Pastor Leon and his wife, Cleo

I recently spoke by phone with Pastor Leon of the Iglesia Nuestro Refugio Church (Our Refuge) in Tijuana. He is now out of the hospital (three-week stay) and is back to working again. Pastor Leon suffers from a chronic intestinal disorder that can be life-threatening. He thanks everyone for their prayers and concerns for him and his wife.

His wife Cleo had knee replacement surgery that required a second surgery because of a secondary infection. She is currently being aided by Mexican Medical Ministries (Craig and Kristi Libby) to help locate a surgeon to get a second opinion and is possibly facing another surgery to relieve the pain. Please continue to pray for them and for their children who are helping to run the church ministries until both Pastor Leon and Cleo are serving at full capacity.

International Missions – July 31, 2019

From the ministry of Christian Mission Naratchakwai in THAILAND

Parn is one of the seven young ladies who are part of the ministry team at Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand. Parn is from the Isaan people of Northeast Thailand, an unreached people group. She has shared her testimony with us.

When I was 12 years old, Dr. John Middlewood came to visit the Kham Phok Village School. I was one of the students at that time. He told the teacher that he wanted to help some students and give us scholarships if we could pass the exams for the English program at Nakhon Phanom’s Wittayakom School. Ploy, another student at the school, and I decided to take the exam and we passed! Then, Dr. John came to my house to discuss with my parents about the possibility of studying English at Christian Mission with him and his wife Maeo and offered to assist with the school fees.

International Missions – July 24, 2019

                                             Johnson Odoyo

I was having fun with my friend Pastor Johnson Odoyo of Tanzania:

Johnson: “My wife is not well in the stomach.”
Me (Bryce): “Tell her that she is going to have a baby.”
Johnson: “That is impossible! She has had a surgery.”
Me (hurriedly): “Then do not tell her I said that.”
Johnson (laughing hard): “You are making me very happy!”

A medical exam revealed that despite the surgery, his wife was indeed expecting not one, but TWO babies! Twins! The Odoyos presently have three children of their own plus two orphans they have welcomed into their home. As you might expect, the news of two more mouths to feed was a bit overwhelming, but they have chosen to trust that God has a special purpose in this miracle expectancy.