International Missions – July 18, 2018

News from International Missions Director Jeff Walsh

Explore Missions

If you sense God’s calling you to missionary service, we are planning an event just for you. It’s called Explore Missions. It will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina January 7-9, 2019. A calling to missions usually comes with lots of questions. How do I discern God’s voice? What do I do next? How would God use me in missions? What’s it like to be a missionary? Do I have to eat stuff I don’t like?

At Explore Missions you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with seasoned missionaries and ask them questions. You’ll also experience cross-cultural relationship building, find help to clarify your calling, and receive recommendations for next steps in your journey. Explore Missions is for anyone seriously wanting to clarify their calling to missions. Space is limited.

Click here to learn more and register.

International Missions – July 11, 2018

        Pastor Johnson Odoyo Sharing Parables

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

Donors to the Department of International Missions made it possible for me to carry 30 Treasures (solar-powered Bibles) to Tanzania to share with our pastors from Kenya and Tanzania. Treasures make a large impact in Africa for several reasons:

• Financial – Not everyone can afford a Bible. Sometimes there is only one Bible for an entire church.
• Illiteracy – In Tanzania, the illiteracy rate has been disturbingly increasing. In Kenya more than one in three adults are illiterate.
• Eye sight – Corrective lenses are costly, often not affordable. Blurry vision prohibits reading.

International Missions – July 4, 2018

News from our Latin America Area Director John Gilbert


The final preparations are underway for the July 2018 trip to Honduras with Cristo Salva. If you can join the team heading down, let Carol Kline or Pastor Ray Marco know right away – If you can’t join the ministry team, please commit to pray for the team, but most of all, for the people the Lord will put in their path. The Lord has so many divine appointments in store every trip, and we are confident this trip is no different.

International Missions – June 27, 2018

                                             Parn (L) and Ploy

News from our Director of International Missions Jeffrey Walsh

Real People Like You and I

Thinking in terms of unreached people groups has great value for praying and strategic decision-making. And, though we use such language, let us never forget that unreached people groups are made up of real people whom our Savior longs to welcome with open arms.

Ploy and Parn are faithful followers of Jesus and leaders at Christian Mission ban Naratchakwai (CMN) in Northeast Thailand. They are also part of the Isaan people, a large unreached people group. There are 20 million Isaan people, and less than half of one percent are followers of Christ. In addition, God’s Word is just now becoming available in the language of the Isaan people. The New Testament was published in June 2016! In the Old Testament, only the book of Genesis and some other portions are available. For most of us, it is hard to imagine not having the Bible readily available in our own language. Yet Ploy, Parn and others at CMN became followers of Jesus years before the New Testament was published in their own language.

International Missions – June 20, 2018

News from our Director of International Missions Jeffrey Walsh

A win-win situation – who doesn’t like that?

That’s what we’ve had lately in Charlotte with the visit of Madison Bantz. Madison is serving on the Eastern Region’s Summer Ministries team and was in North Carolina for the training week at Camp Dixie. With a two-week gap between the training week and the start of camps in the Northeast, Madison asked us at ACGC if we could involve her in some ministries in Charlotte before she headed back north. What a pleasant surprise, as it became a win-win situation for Madison and us!