International Missions – December 4, 2019

         Jeff Walsh

Early December Highlights
From Jeff Walsh, Director of International Missions

Here’s a few mission highlights I’d like to make you aware of:

Christmas in October – Gifts were sent in November to our active and retired missionaries as well as to our affiliated ministry partners. We’ve already heard back from people in several countries with notes of appreciation and encouragement.

International Missions – November 27, 2019

News from Our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Pastor Johnson Odoyo

A phone call with Pastor Johnson Odoyo (Conference Secretary of Tanzania AC Conference).

Pastor Johnson: “I have 30 kicks. I am praying that 20 of them will live.”

(I have two choices in this conversation. I can place more value on his perception of my intelligence while I pretend that I understand, or I can place more value on our relationship, honestly telling him that I do not understand while asking him to be patient with me as I seek for clarity. Johnson is a public school principal. Perhaps …)

Bryce: “Johnson, please help me to understand. Did you say you have 30 kids?”

Pastor Johnson: “Kicks. Kicks! I have 30 kicks. I am praying that 20 of them will live.”

Bryce: “Johnson, spell it for me. Is it K-I-D-S?”

Pastor Johnson: “No, it is C-H-I-C-K-S. Kicks! There is a disease going around. I am praying that they will become hens.”

Ahh! Now it is clear.

International Missions – November 20, 2019

2020 International Missions Prayer Guide

Join us in praying for Advent Christian International Missions! A sample copy of the new 2020 International Missions Prayer Guide has been mailed to each of our North American churches. We want to be sure your church has all the free copies it would like before the start of the year. To do that, please have your church leadership request the desired number of copies today. Requests can be emailed to or given by phone at 704-545-6161, ext. 211.

The Prayer Guide gives you one Scripture-based prayer request for every day of the year. Each week a different missionary or ministry is featured. In this way, we seek the heart of God through prayer for each of our missionaries and ministries.

Many churches have already placed their orders. Don’t miss out. Let us know today.

International Missions – November 13, 2019

International Missions Advisory Committee

International Missions members and international area directors are meeting at ACGC with International Missions Director Jeff Walsh. Please be in prayer for God’s wisdom and direction for each member as they discuss and plan strategically for our international ministries.