International Missions – April 24, 2019

                                       Jeff Walsh

News from Director of International Missions Jeff Walsh

Ambassador Trips

Do you and your church desire a deeper connection and involvement with our missionaries and ministry sites?

We have found that nothing ignites this kind of connection like personally going and seeing the ministry. The Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to travel to an international mission site in order to return home to share your experience with your local church. In this way, you can be a catalyst for deepening your church’s passion and commitment to making disciples of all nations.

International Missions – April 17, 2019

                              Former Witchdoctor


When there was no church in a village, Pastor Johnson Odoyo went and began preaching in the middle of the marketplace. There were both great results and great opposition. When people professed their new faith in Jesus Christ, the village elders threatened Johnson: “You will not make it out of here alive.”

Then they saw people being healed, their own hearts were changed and they made a new declaration: “You must come and hear this man.” Witchdoctors brought their own powers against this man of God and failed. One of them is a pastor today. Another is a member of Johnson’s flock learning more and more about Jesus the Lord.

International Missions – April 10, 2019

Women’s conference poster with Gloria Sanchez – conference president and pastor of the Iglesia Nueva Esperanza (New Hope)

News from Outreach Ministries in Latin America


Pastora Gloria Sanchez is the guest preacher for a women’s conference to be held on April 13 in Ensenada. Pastora Gloria was elected in December to lead the Mexican Conference. Her gifts as an evangelist and speaker are well-known in the Ensenada area. She represents us and our Lord well!

International Missions – April 3, 2019


Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos and their family will be arriving in Charlotte, N.C. on Tuesday, April 9. They will be taking time out from their Agape House ministries in Japan and the Philippines to spend a month in the United States. While in the US, they will be attending the Leadership Conference in Waymart, Pa. on April 30 – May 2, 2019.

International Missions – March 27, 2019


When people of the USA are faced with heavy rain, most head indoors. When those in Mozambique and Malawi are faced with heavy rains, many have no dry place to go. In the remote village of Mandua Charre (Mozambique), the houses are single-room huts structured by handmade mud bricks. The roof is crisscrossed with poles, roughly two to three inches in diameter. Laid across the poles are bundles of straw, which provide some shade from the sun, but are woefully inadequate against any rainstorm. Beds are merely a layer of reeds tied together, rolled up by day and unrolled at night. Mozambicans are accustomed to sleeping without mattresses (In fact, many never get to see a real bed during their lifetime), but one never grows accustomed to sleeping on the muddy floor during a hard rain.