International Missions – February 20, 2019


Penny Crusade

For 60 years, Penny Crusade has been the primary funding mechanism for our denominational missions work. Yet we’ve found there are many in our North American churches who do not understand Penny Crusade. To solve this problem, we’ve produced a 4-by-8 inch Penny Crusade Information Card. It answers questions like “Where does Penny Crusade money go?” and “Who exactly is supported through Penny Crusade?”

These information cards are available free of charge upon request. If you would like copies for your church or friends, contact us at Let us know how many copies you would like, and we will gladly ship them to you.

International Missions – February 13, 2019

                          Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

African Tentmakers

When the apostle Paul left Athens and went to Corinth, he took a job to earn his keep. He made tents (Acts 18:3). No one could then say that he was a Christian beggar. Acts 20:34 reads, “You yourselves know that these hands ministered to my necessities and to those who were with me.”

Pastor Jerome Groves now has a church of 150 people in South Africa. In the USA, a church of that size should be able to support a full-time pastor. In South Africa, though regarded as the most modern of sub-Saharan African countries, this may not be the case. Pastor Jerome works as both an upholsterer and barber to support himself.

International Missions – February 6, 2019

The 2019 Penny Crusade packets have been mailed to our churches. This year’s theme is “Reach the Unreached” – highlighting our ministry work in Myanmar.

This Penny Crusade material will introduce you to the critical need of bringing the gospel to unreached peoples. Eighty-nine percent of the people in Myanmar are from unreached people groups. Your church will learn how our four ministry leaders in Myanmar are establishing and strengthening churches.

International Missions – January 30, 2019

Pastor Joseph reports on his recent ministry trip:

We started our trip to Magone Division on December 27, 2018 and it ended on January 15, 2019. I am excited to report about how the Lord of God is moving on unreached people groups of Dai and Kapelet people. The trip was blessed with fruit by God.

We traveled to the Magone Division by car, motorcycle and lastly by foot. We crossed mountains, hills and through jungle to reach unreached people. We went from village to village preaching the Word of God to each person. By God’s power, we reached Dai and Kapelet people for the Lord. We were very blessed with the hunger and thirst of these people for the Word of God.

International Missions – January 23, 2019

News from Director of International Missions Jeffrey Walsh

Explore Missions

2019 started with Explore Missions, a new event for us. Eight participants from different parts of the country came to Charlotte for a 48-hour experience that focused on their calling to missionary service. Explore Missions was born from two simple observations. First, God is still calling people to serve as missionaries. He’s calling people from different walks of life, from different churches, with different personalities and abilities. Second, we needed to create a time and space to explore and celebrate these varied callings. Those interested in missions understandably have lots of questions. They need someone who’s been there to walk alongside them as they pursue the call of God. That’s what Explore Missions is all about.