International Missions – November 14, 2018

                       With Global Prestasi School Staff

News from Agape House Ministry Director Rowena Cabrizos

Trip to Indonesia

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Our trip to Indonesia was a great success by the grace of God! We arrived in Jakarta on October 7 almost at midnight.

Below is the list of highlights of our travel in Jakarta:

Global Prestasi School (elementary, junior and senior high). This school visit involved coordinating and establishing possible connections that may give an opening for ministry opportunities. On the first day (October 8), Director of International Missions Jeff Walsh and I were able to visit the school in the afternoon. We met with the heads of the school and Jeff was given a quick tour of the campus. We also had a brief meeting concerning the possibility of English-speaking interns coming from the Philippines.

International Missions – November 7, 2018

News from our Latin America Area Director John Gilbert


The idea was to reach as many people as possible in one day. Although patients seen were not one million, the extended effect to immediate families, relatives and friends, well, only God knows. In response to the outreach program held in conjunction with Honduran Church of God, Cristo Salva reports, “What a day! We treated over 350 people in the medical and dental clinic today as part of a community outreach with Melvin Corea’s Church in Pinalejo. Many thanks to Doctora Yaneth and the doctors who came with her to volunteer with us. Thank you to Vicky and Juan Jo who volunteered their time to treat all the dental patients. Thank you to Lucy and her friends who volunteered their time translating. Thanks to Iglesia De Dios for inviting us to serve and thanks to God for allowing us to serve him by serving others.”

International Missions – October 31, 2018

                   Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

(Africa) – “Hello, Brother Bryce! I called you today to be encouraged by a good word from the Lord.”

So, I shared over the phone of Acts 2 – how the Holy Spirit falls upon us causing us, among other things, to eat together, something African churches love to do.

(Bryce) – “So, what did you preach on yesterday?”

(Africa) – “The parable of the soils in Luke 8. After the message, an elder of the church came to my home. He had read further in the passage about the man with demons called Legion. He wants to know what the abyss the demons were afraid of is, and why Jesus sent the demons into the pigs.”

International Missions – October 24, 2018

News from Director of International Missions Jeff Walsh

Prayer is the communication by which the weapons of warfare are deployed according to the will of God. – John Piper

Do you believe prayer is the most important thing we can do in missions? I do. Missions (and any form of ministry) is God’s work. Prayer connects us to God’s will and is the avenue through which we discern how God is already at work. It enables us to conform to his will and join him in his mission.

With this conviction in mind, we have published the 2019 Prayer Guide. The Prayer Guide covers 44 ministries that are part of Advent Christian International Missions. It focuses on one ministry each week and gives you one Scripture-based strategic prayer for each day of the year.

Last week, a copy of the 2019 Prayer Guide was mailed to each of our churches and affiliated ministries in North America. We are asking pastors and church leaders to let us know how many copies they want for their churches. These copies will be printed and shipped free of charge to your church. To be sure your church receives them before January 1, please request your copies before November 22. To request copies, contact the Department of International Missions at or 704-545-6161, ext. 211.

International Missions – October 17, 2018

Jeff Walsh, Cynthia Lee, and Rowina and Erwin Cabrizos

News from Dr. Cynthia Lee

Ministry work with Agape House Indonesia

One part of the Agape House trip to Indonesia was a ministry clinic conducted by Dr. Cynthia Lee from Dunn, N.C. With a delay in travel, Cynthia was still able to reach Indonesia in time to hold the ministry clinic and worship with the Samarinda Toraja Church, Agape House ministry leaders and alumni. Cynthia posted on her Facebook page on October 13 at 9:05 p.m.:

Medical mission day complete!!