News From Our Churches – July 19, 2017

Conference President Jean-Claude Dorsainvil


News reported by the Haiti Conference:

There are three groups of bandits who wanted to take up a lot of the ground purchased by the Haiti AC Conference. These armed bandits accused Conference President Jean-Claude of taking their parents’ land, but the bandits were unable to present to the Peace Court and the Public Prosecutor any paper as a supporting document.

News From Our Churches – July 12, 2017

(L to R) Jefferson Vann, Jeffrey Hamilton, Penny Vann, Elena Hamilton, Elizabeth Vann Hamilton, Nathan Hamilton.


On Sunday, July 2, Jefferson and Penny Vann spoke at the Lone Star Advent Christian Church, Clifton Forge, Va., while staying at Camp ACCOVAC. The Vanns had a great time of worship and fellowship with the congregation and send their thanks to the church and the campground staff for their hospitality and for making their week in Virginia amazing.

News From Our Churches – July 5, 2017


Pastor Russell Giasson reports:

“We at Goodwin’s Mills AC Church celebrated not only our anniversary Sunday, July 2nd, but also a very successful Penny Crusade raising $5,260.89 and exceeding our missions fundraising goal by 23%. Pictured is our Sunday morning service celebration where we presented to Director of World Outreach Jeff Walsh an over-sized check representing our fundraising for Penny Crusade.”

(L to R) Pastor Russell Giasson, Jeff Walsh, Ruth Smith, director of CE and Rachel Smith Sunday school treasurer

News From Our Churches – June 21, 2017

Pastor David Young, Jr. Preaching at the Heritage Service


Rev. Floyd McIntyre reports:

The 26th annual Adventist Heritage Service was held on Sunday, June 18th at the William Miller Chapel in Low Hampton, N.Y. Twenty people nearly filled half of the small chapel on a very warm afternoon to sing some the classic beloved Adventist hymns and hear a message on the theme “What Remains to be Seen?” from I John 3:1-3 brought by Pastor David Young, Jr. of the North Springfield, Vermont Advent Christian Church. Mrs. Carol Clark, of the N. Springfield AC church accompanied the enthusiastic singing! Attendance drew people from Florida, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire for the annual event. Six people attended for the first time. A special time of prayer was held during the service specifically for Pastor Wes Ross, who missed the service as pianist for the first time in 16 years. Dr. Sam Warren offered prayer for God’s blessing on the upcoming Triennial Convention of the Advent Christian General Conference.

News From Our Churches – June 14, 2017

A student teaches a Bible class in one of the Advent Christian churches. Students teach in the churches in the city and province to minister to the local churches where they are assigned to do their ministry skills.


The following is from a recent report sent by Dr. Nely Gamayon, Director of Oro Bible College, to the Outreach office:

We would like to thank all our supporters in the Advent Christian Churches of America, the WHFMS and mission groups and the ACGC Central Office. We thank the Lord for your faithfulness in supporting us through prayer and finances. Your support goes a long way in the spread of the gospel as our students, faculty and staff preach, teach and minister though our program of ministry skills; our National Service Training Program; our children’s ministry of tutorials, values, Bible lessons and feeding activities; and our internship and promotional programs.