News From Our Churches – April 18, 2018


Easter 2018 at Lees Chapel

I’m sure most churches enjoyed a blessed Easter this year; we certainly did at Lees Chapel! As was true of last year, we began our day of celebration with a glorious sunrise service followed by a sunrise breakfast.

News From Our Churches – April 11, 2018


News from United Christian Fellowship Church

Pastor “Buddy” Dowd reports:

“To God be the glory. This small church consisting of approximately 25 active members raised $5,225.80 for Penny Crusade 2018. The competition between the men and women was tight, but the women came out on top by raising $77.80 more than the men. The men will be planning a supper for the ladies in the future. No church is small when Christ is the head.”

News From Our Churches – April 4, 2018

Conference President Bertin Mwanya reports:

Easter Celebration as a Sign of Unity

Advent Christians fellowshipping in the seven AC churches in Lubumbashi came together in the Paradise Advent Christian Church last Sunday, April 1. Well before this came together, all the pastors leading AC churches across the Democratic Republic of the Congo were instructed by the DRC Advent Christian Conference Board to run seminar training on Easter to acquaint worshipers with the value of this day as a Christian blueprint ceremony. Many of the pastors and leaders conducted the seminars on Wednesday, March 28 to Friday, March 30, 2018.

News From Our Churches – March 28, 2018


Ministry Leaders Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos share ministry events and photos from their ministry in Mati, Philippines.

Angels Activities:

                                           Team Building                           Discipleship and Prayer

News From Our Churches – March 14, 2018

Our leader in Croatia is suffering ill health. Since early February, he has been struggling, beginning with a severe cold and flu. During this time, the valves of his heart were affected causing vertigo, weakness and shortness of breath. He is sleeping more these days and has gained 33 pounds in just one month. The cardiologist reports that the valves of his heart have been seriously damaged and may require surgery.

Our conference president in Liberia, Moses Gbaa, has been sick for a very long time. He left the city and went to an area where there wasn’t any internet connection.

He reports to us last week, “The Almighty God is so great. I think by the grace of God I am okay now and ready again to work for our Lord Jesus Christ.”