News From Our Churches – December 12, 2018


Hello from Central AC Church! We had to cancel Sunday services due to snow, but we had a couple outings the day or so before. Pastor Gene took a group of youth to the Live Nativity and Bethlehem Market and dinner at Wendy’s, on December 6th, in Covington … a chilly wagon ride, but everyone had a good time! On Saturday, December 8th, the Senior Servants had their annual Christmas dinner, traveling to The Natural Bridge Hotel, near Lexington.

News From Our Churches – December 5, 2018


Aurora University students helped to decorate the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action for the Christmas season. The Wackerlin Center will host a study night for students preparing for final exams, with homemade treats provided by the Aurora Advent Christian Church.

News From Our Churches – November 28, 2018


Chennai: After making landfall along the coast of Tamil Nadu early Friday, November 15, Cyclone Gaja has weakened to a cyclonic storm. Cyclone Gaja lay centered over Tamil Nadu, west of Atirampattinam and 110 km northeast of Kodaikanal. Winds speed of 45 mph gusting up to 55 mph uprooted trees, snapped electric cables and blew roofing-sheets off.

The cyclone struck the church in Kodaikanal. The folk there have told Mission Manager Immanuel that a huge amount of damage has been done to the town, which is very high up in the mountains (approximately 1.5 miles above sea level) and on the east side of the mountains, directly in the path of the cyclone.

News From Our Churches – November 21, 2018


Rowena reports on their recent outreach trip to the Salumayag Tribe:

On Saturday, November 10, we climbed up the mountain to reach the Salumayags. Very tough climbing, it was all by God’s grace that we made it. We then had a quick briefing. The boys’ department did the cooking for the feeding while the ladies packed the presents with toothbrushes, toothpastes and more candies/chocolates. We had our feeding program in the afternoon and a film-showing in the evening. We were able to rent a generator, and everyone enjoyed watching the Samson movie. Praise God for the success.

News From Our Churches – November 14, 2018


An ordination service was held for Rev. Josh Alves at the Bangor Advent Christian Church on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Rev. Alves’ ordination was attended by family, special friends, members and leaders of his home church (BACC) as well as the members of the Maine State Advent Christian Conference ministerial and executive committees. The Holy Spirit was especially present. As his first official act as a reverend, Josh served Communion assisted by his wife Amy, Rev. Tim Soucy (pastor at Bangor ACC) and his wife Julie. Currently, Josh is the worship leader at BACC. Both Amy and he look forward to many years of service in the Advent Christian Church.