International Missions – February 21, 2018

Rowena and Erwin Cabrizos and Their Children

News from Missionaries Erwin and Rowena Cabrizos

The Lord is good! The theme that God has given to us this year is JOYFUL IN HOPE. We continue to praise God for his goodness and greatness to our family and to the ministry that he has entrusted upon us. Erwin, Zoe and I spent our New Year in Japan while our two girls were in the Philippines with my siblings. Erwin left ahead of us and flew back to the Philippines on January 4, while the two of us flew back on January 11. Aside from our regular activities, below are some of the things that we thank God for during our most recent time in Japan:

World Outreach – February 14, 2018

News from the Department of World Outreach


My husband, Jeff (Director of World Outreach), recently had work-related things to accomplish in Orlando, Fla., and to make it easier for him in a number of ways, three of our sons and I went along. Being a very practical person, I thought it would be all about taking care of everyone’s needs while Jeff attended meetings for four days, and then zipping down to Miami for church on Sunday. The four days went as I had expected, but the zipping part turned out to be so much more!

World Outreach – February 7, 2018

                       Samuel Sosono

News from our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Not long ago in the United States, churches were moving out of the city for their own comfort rather than to face the growing challenges within. It has taken a move of God for some of us to see the error of our ways, to face those challenges, to move back into the city and to bring the heart of the Father with us.

An interesting trend is taking place in Malawi: Pastors are moving out of their villages to the city. On the surface it is somewhat different from the trend we have faced, yet a deeper look reveals some shameful similarities.

World Outreach – January 31, 2018

             January 2018 Cristo Salva Mission Trip Team

News from our Latin America Area Director, John Gilbert


Praise our God who can do all things! Calmness passed over Honduras, allowing the January Cristo Salva mission trip to take place. The trip was shortened to one week instead of two in case the inauguration of the Honduras president created more unrest.

World Outreach – January 24, 2018

              Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


One year ago in the United States, protests were made against the election of our current president. Despite various opinions about the success of, or even the need for, those protests, we can agree that it is a privilege to live in a country that allows for free expression of opinions. You will not see the same freedom everywhere.