World Outreach – May 24, 2017

                     Home Group Members

Urban Ministry News from Iglesia de la Gracia Divina Church Arleta, Calif.

(Submitted by Pastor Raul Parada)

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house,
they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news
that Jesus is the Messiah.” (Acts 5:42 NIV)

The primitive church used to gather in the temple and in houses to learn about our Savior Jesus Christ. The Iglesiade la Gracia Divina Church in Arleta, Calif. has a core value in preaching the gospel through the promotion of Bible studies through small home groups to promote the kingdom of Jesus in our communities. Every week, we strive to have fellowship in our small group or cell group to reach new people to teach the Word of God.

World Outreach – May 17, 2017

News from our Asia/Pacific Area Directors Jefferson and Penny Vann

A Course to Teach

For the past two weeks, I (Jeff Vann) have had the thrill of teaching a special class at Oro Bible College (OBC) in the Philippines. The class is called MS32 Church Administration and Leadership. It combined students from the Bible College with businessmen and pastors from the city of Cagayan de Oro’s evangelical minister’s association (COEMA). I used material that I had taught elsewhere over the past few years, but the core 12 lessons for the course came from the church leadership resource that we originally taught in Africa. Penny and I were given permission to adapt this course book for the Philippines. The students found that the instruction and case studies of the book were well suited for the Philippine context. One of the projects for the course was translating the entire 100-page book into Cebuano, so the course can be published and used in the Philippines. The students did the translating as a team.

World Outreach – April 19, 2017

        Takanini Community Church

News from our Asia/Pacific Area Directors Jefferson and Penny Vann


The sign posted within the Takanini Community Church’s fellowship hall (and posted on the website) says:

“After 66 years of joyful ministry to the Takanini community,
Takanini Community Church (formerly Takanini Church of Christ –
Life & Advent) will be officially disbanding as a congregation.
A final celebration service will be held on Sunday, April 23, 2017.”

World Outreach – April 12, 2017

          Bryce Whiting

News from our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

It is that time of year for Northerners when we cannot help but notice what has been fairly absent for a few, frozen months. I am speaking of running water. With running water, activities of the animal and vegetable kingdoms return to life. As the snow-capped mountains send new tributaries down their slopes to stretch the river banks, the salmon start running, the greenery begins to stretch for air above the patches of snow, and maple trees draw moisture from the earth to produce a nearly indescribable, sweet sap. Babies are born, flowers blossom and the seasonal miracles of nature continue to amaze us.

This is not so in many parts of Africa. Drought continues to prohibit farming, as crops which were formerly green turn brown. In Kenya, the severe drought has forced farmers to migrate with their flocks to better feeding grounds. Since those grounds do not belong to them, there is now an increase in armed hostilities, which raise the red flags of travel advisories.

World Outreach – April 5, 2017

News from our Latin America Area Director John Gilbert

           Mexican Pastors’ planning meeting


Every month the pastors of our Mexican Conference get together for prayer and planning for events. This time is also used to unify the purpose and direction of the conference. It is another example of the growing abilities of the conference’s leadership and the pastors that make up the conference.

Volunteers have come alongside the pastors of the La Hermosa Church to start a feeding program for the children of the community. Currently, they are feeding 25-30 children several times per week and have plans to feed daily when resources are available. Thanks to the many hands and their resources that have made this program possible.