World Outreach – November 22, 2017

        Caroline and Lee Welkley

News from Urban Ministry Consultants Lee & Caroline Welkley

Recently, I participated in a retreat sponsored by the Mayo Clinic with an emphasis on providing pastors with tools and information for greater wellness for themselves. We were made aware that when wellness for pastors is addressed, the last area to be given attention is our emotional needs. As a result of that retreat, my attention has been specifically drawn to the needs of urban pastors and church leaders. Therefore, I have chosen to use this column to share some information with you, hoping it will sharpen your concern for our urban pastors and leaders and cause many to care and to pray.

World Outreach – November 15, 2017

Offerings/Gifts Collected from Advent Church in the Sozhinganallur Area, Distributed in Bihar

News from Asia/Pacific

INDIA | Advent Christian Conference of India, Bihar

Pastor Paul Sundar Raj, leader of the team in Khagaria, Bihar, reports as follows …

Annual Fasting and Prayer

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, we are doing well in our ministry with a vision in Bihar ministry field. God Almighty is always with us, so we are heading forward to extend his mightiest kingdom.

World Outreach – November 8, 2017

             Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

The Welcome Challenges of Communication

Phone calls to Heaven: “Hi Lord, this is Bryce. Thanks for answering as you always do.”

Phone calls to Africa: “The number you are calling is not answering. Please call back later.”

In Liberia, our conference president Moses Gbaa is in a remote location where his phone does not often receive messages. A phone call for him means a trip to the city. If his family has food to eat and if there is some left over, he may purchase some minutes that are added to his phone. Then he may make a call to the US whereby I will receive the call, hang up and call him back immediately. The Liberian accent is very soft on the endings of many words causing me to rack my brain to keep up with the conversation.

World Outreach – November 1, 2017

                      Mobile Medical Clinic

News from our Latin America Area Director John Gilbert


This past week Cristo Salva completed its fall trip to Honduras. It was a week of increased activity to meet the planned commitments from July, when there were too few people for an effective trip.

Development & Village Director, Carol Kline, sent the following summary:

Wow-what a blessed week! Twenty-nine people surrendered their lives to Jesus and others recommitted their lives to him. We treated 150+ people in three days of medical clinics; visited two schools (one had 300 students in the assembly) and many homes in four different villages; gave out around 300 pounds of food; distributed clothing through three churches; distributed vitamins for hundreds of children and moms; visited six churches and a Sunday school; held our first youth service where over 100 students heard the gospel and many responded; encouraged pastors and celebrated the upcoming birth of Dra. (Doctor) Vicky and Dr. Juan Jo’s baby girl and traveled many miles. Our team came from the US, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. We worked together for the advancement of the kingdom to glorify Jesus, the one we love and love to serve. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes, every bit. Did we receive more than we gave? Yes, absolutely.

World Outreach – October 25, 2017

News from Riverside Advent Christian Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Riverside Advent Christian Church is an urban ministry located only a few miles from downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Riverside serves the surrounding neighborhood and community through several ongoing outreach ministries.

One of the ways in which Riverside serves the area is through its church food pantry. The food pantry is stocked by donations collected from the members. The needs of both families and the homeless community are met through the food pantry. During the winter months, Riverside provides coats and blankets to individuals who are living on the streets and need warmth. These homeless individuals know that by coming to the church, they will be given these items to help keep them warm through the night. Not only does the food pantry and blanket ministry provide a means by which needs are met, but they also offer an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ and pray with those in need. Individuals have become a part of the church through this outreach ministry.