Richard Fell Memorial Scholarship/Loan Program

Sponsored by

Central Advent Christian Mission Society

Scholarship Amount

$1,000 per semester

Scholarship Purpose & Description

In order to assist individuals to prepare for ministry vocations and to fill positions within the Advent Christian Denomination, the Central Advent Christian Mission Society (CACMS) offers scholarship/loans for attendance at an accredited institution of higher learning or to Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies (BICS). At the undergraduate level, qualifying majors are pastoral studies,
missionary studies, Christian education,and youth ministry. Graduate level programs that lead to master’s and doctor’s degrees in Christian ministry related areas also qualify. Financial assistance is given in the form of a loan which may be paid back by serving in an Advent Christian church or mission field or in cash payments.

Geographic Restrictions

Applicants must be members of an Advent Christian church in the Central Region or be children of active Advent Christian missionaries.

Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements

Individuals desiring to apply for a scholarship/loan should sense a call from God to ministry and be willing to make a commitment to serve the Advent Christian Denomination. This “call and commitment to serve” will be evaluated by the Scholarship/Loan Committee (Committee) through the application form, the written testimony of the individual, letters of recommendation and an interview. Individuals should affirm that they are Advent Christian in faith and doctrine and adhere to the Advent Christian Declaration of Principles.

Application Procedure

The completed application form along with a narrative describing the individuals’ current situation, goals and future plans, and the reasons for applying for the loan should be sent to the Committee. Individuals applying for a scholarship/loan for graduate study should also include a detailed description of their planned program.

Undergraduates should submit letters of recommendation from their pastor and from another adult who knows them well and can confirm their desire and potential. (Suggested persons to write the recommendations are conference or regional leaders, Sunday school teachers, and community/school leaders.) Individuals planning graduate study should submit letters of recommendation from a leader (e.g. Elder or Board Chair) within their church (if currently pastoring a church) or their pastor and an Advent Christian conference or regional leader (e.g. Superintendent or President). All letters
of recommendation should be sent directly to the committee by the persons making the recommendation. After all documents have been received and evaluated, the committee will make arrangements or an interview.

Application Deadlines (If Applicable)


Repayment Information (If Applicable)

Beginning six months after graduation or termination at the college, individuals must begin one of the following repayment plans: Individuals who serve in a full-time position or at least 20 hours per week in a bi-vocational position in an Advent Christian church may repay the loan at the rate of one year of service for each $2,000 awarded.

Individuals who serve less than 20 hours per week will receive a pro-rated reduction based on the number of hours worked.

Individuals who do not complete the course of study, by either withdrawing from college or changing majors, must repay the loan beginning six months after withdrawal or graduation from college. The payment amount and length of time schedule will be determined by the Committee.

After graduation, the CACMS Treasurer will send to the individual a statement of the total amount of the loan and the due date for each year. Statements shall be sent annually until the loan is repaid either by ministering in an Advent Christian church or mission field or by cash payments.


Dr. William Norwood, ED.D
Regional Superintendent
2237 High Ridge Parkway
Hillside, IL 60162


Information/Application can be downloaded at:


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