Our Purpose

Eighty-Five to Ninety percent of churches in North America are either declining, plateaued or growing at a rate slower than the community in which they are located. Ten percent of the churches in North America are at imminent risk of closing.

The primary role of the Department of Church Health is to reverse this trend in the Advent Christian denomination in the United States and Canada. We strive to serve declining and dying churches so they will be renewed and revitalized and move from surviving to thriving.

Our Services

Consultation can be defined broadly as offering advice or an outside perspective to churches regarding church health and revitalization issues. These services will typically be single instances or short-term in nature.

Coaching will be longer term (one to two years) in length and more involved. Initially much of the coaching work will be done in service to churches involved in the Natural Church Development process.

Curation will be an ongoing effort to identify, recommend and promote high-quality resources related to church health.

Community-building will seek to establish, resource, coordinate and connect a denomination-wide network of church health coaches that can offer consultative and coaching services based on a normative benchmark and a standard set of church health tools.

Our Process

All of our churches can be categorized in three broad categories: growth, plateau or decline. Determining which category a church is in begins with a “triage” conversation. As the name implies, this is a decision point regarding the future care of the congregation.

The triage tool will use three tools to gain insights into the congregation:

  • Worship Attendance History
    • According to the data for average worship attendance over the last 10-20 years, is the church in a state of:
      • Growth? 
      • Plateau? 
      • Decline? 
    • Natural Church Development Survey
      • What is the average score on the NCD survey?
        • Average scores of 35 and below represent a congregation that is in decline or survival mode.
          • Approximately 15% of all churches find themselves in this stage.
        • Average scores of 35 – 55 represent a congregation that is most likely in plateau.
          • Approximately 70% of churches will find themselves at this stage.
        • Average scores of 55 and above indicate congregations that are growing and capable of new and adaptive work.
    • Discovery Questions
      • This is a set of questions to be answered by church leaders to help better understand the history of the church, its current kingdom vision, kingdom impact and readiness for change.

The ideal pathway will be to begin the triage process when a church contacts the Department of Church Health. This will help to more accurately determine the current condition of the church and the urgency of a revitalization effort.

Contact Us

If you are interested in any of the services we provide, please email us at jnash@acgc.us or call us at - 1-800-676-0694.