To participate in the life of the church as a member of Christ’s body should be a real joy. Defining what a healthy church looks like and how it should function is our objective. ACGC is to assist those given to the leadership of the church with this task. We are committed to assist our churches and its leaders in developing excellence and practical experience in every aspect of local church ministry.

  • Provide the criteria to determine (assess) church/conference health
    • Develop the tools and mechanism for delivery to the local church and conference in the area of strategic planning
    • Provide leadership resources addressing church administration and financial management
    • Provide the tools and resources that help a church in areas such as Christian education, body life, strategic planning
  • Discern, define and develop ministries for men, women, youth and children
    • Establish Kids Ministry
    • Redefine Student Ministry Commission and approach to Student Ministries for ACGC
    • Continue to work with Coordinator of Women’s Ministries and WHFM Society to maximize efforts for the women of ACGC
    • Discern best approach for the establishment of an effective Men’s ministry for ACGC.