2019 Denominational CalendarĀ of Observances

Aurora University Sunday January 6
Men’s Sunday January 27
Church Growth Sunday February 3
Executive Council Meetings (Charlotte) February 6-8
Urban Ministries Sunday February 24
Penny Crusade March-April
Advent Christian Retirement Communities Sunday April 7
Power of Camp Sunday April 14
AC Leaders’ Conference April 30 – May 2
Prayer Emphasis May
Berkshire Christian College Sunday May 5
Adventual Heritage Sunday June 30
Stewardship Month September
Student & Kids Sunday September 8
Executive Council Meetings (Charlotte) September 11-13
Christian Education Sunday September 15
Women’s Sunday September 29
Pastor Appreciation Month October
Christmas in October October
Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies Sunday October 27
World Hunger Offering November 24
Advent Christian Village Sunday March 31, June 30, September 29, December 29
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