From ACGC – April 24, 2019

This past week, Karen and I drove down to Houston to spend Easter with our daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons. It was a long drive, but so worth it to be with them and experience the Easter excitement of two young boys. We joined with their church family for worship and their pastor wondered what must the disciples have felt, thought and experienced after the death of Jesus before the resurrection, while they gathered in the upper room. As I drove home, I began to think about what we experience following the celebration of Easter each year. Leading up to Easter Sunday, we practice for cantatas and dramas, come together for passion week, relive the entrance into Jerusalem of Palm Sunday and feel all the emotion of that week. Then sunrise services on Sunday morning, remembering the empty tomb and the announcement to the disciples, “He’s Alive!”

This Easter, my follow-up was driving from Houston to Birmingham to Charlotte over Monday and Tuesday. As I drove, I considered what I hope for in our congregations each year following the celebration of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross and the hope that the resurrection gives to us in the second coming. I believe that every time we consider the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, whether it is Easter or the Lord’s Supper, it is a reminder of the love Jesus has for us and a call for us to return that love in how we live out our salvation. It is a fanning of the embers of our faith, commitment and resolution to follow Jesus Christ.

So as our lives move on following Easter and all we experienced in our worship and remembrance, let us be challenged to keep the flames burning bright in our lives to show the world the love of Jesus in how we live, care and serve in Jesus’ name!

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