From ACGC – January 30, 2019

                             Steve Lawson

As we are preparing for Executive Council next week, the excitement of sharing what has been accomplished in our first year of the strategic plan is building. On Tuesday, I will meet with our regional superintendents to talk about how we can partner together to better serve our churches. In the afternoon, the superintendents will meet with Coordinator of Leadership Development Matt Larkin. Matt will share about the work that he and the field office directors have done to establish pipelines for emerging leaders across North America.

On Wednesday, Coordinator of Home Missions Darren Bantz will be spending time with our superintendents discussing his plans for home missions. For the last 10 months, Darren has been participating with ACGC in our consultations with Lee Stephenson from Converge, and has just taken on the role of Coordinator of Home Missions in January. I asked Darren about his goals for his first year and he shared that ideally, we would have 100 of our Advent Christian churches committed to the call of planting new churches. But practically, he wants to work with our superintendents and conference leaders to identify four to six AC churches that will focus on becoming disciple-building, transformational churches. These churches will then lead the way for others to follow. The plan is to prayerfully and purposefully reach the lost in one of today’s most challenging mission fields by planting new churches in North America. The prayers and gospel mission will draw us back to our historical roots and strengthen local ministries and churches as we reach these underserved and unreached areas.

I want to thank Converge’s Executive Director for Church Planting, Lee Stephenson, for working with us and continuing to partner with us in the future to build the kingdom of God. Converge is all for sharing and partnering with other denominations to win the lost for Jesus Christ. Please be in prayer for Darren as he works with Lee over the next few months. He will be gleaning information of how Converge became a resource that enables their churches to become healthy reproducing churches, so that we may do the same.

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