From ACGC – January 6, 2016

Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson

Looking at 2016, anticipating the opportunities that we will have and what we will do with them is a challenge that each individual must face. How we look at our decisions and responsibilities is characterized by our understanding of God’s role in our lives and how interested he is in our daily choices. Early in my ministry I encountered a young man who challenged my teaching that God was intimately concerned with our lives on every level. He believed God only noticed the big decisions and that we just handled the day-to-day events without having to consider his leading in our lives. I asked him to consider the teaching in Matthew 10:29-30 where even the sparrows are noticed on their coming and going and God’s knowledge of us extended to the very hairs on our head. He was not convinced and chose to continue to live making his choices based on his mindset.

When we wrestle with God’s will for our lives and how it extends to our day-to-day decisions, then we appreciate the intimacy of a personal relationship with our God. He is not only interested but wants to affect all parts of our lives, families, business/work, relationships and finances. As we let God influence us in the small decisions we make on a daily basis then the larger areas are covered naturally. The process of being the spouse, parent, friend, employee orchurch member that God would have us to be is not a matter of direct intervention but of being fashioned by God in how we consider his leading in our lives. It is the process of “Sanctification” where he works in us in every moment of our lives.

As we consider 2016 with all of its opportunities and challenges let us do so with the knowledge that God is with us and leading us to be like Christ in all we do – glorifying God with every decision, relationship and, choice we make in our lives.
May God be glorified in 2016!

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