From ACGC – June 5, 2019

It has been a month since leadership conference and I wonder how things are going for our participants. We made it no secret that we wanted the conference to be practical and for everyone to leave with a plan for leadership development in their church. I know that most everyone had the opportunity to begin developing a strategy for leadership building and training could look like. I am interested in how things are going; if you would, please send me an e-mail about what you are doing (

I am excited to share that our pastor, even though he had to cancel at the last minute because of an emergency in our church, was excited about what he heard. He gathered a group of fellow pastors and some ACGC participants together to work on a plan. Our summer plan will be to help believers share their faith and lead others to Christ. This past Sunday night was our first meeting and after laying the foundation of the gospel message, he closed our time together by having us share the gospel with someone else – no one ran out or even refused! It was a great time and most people in the end really enjoyed it. For those at the conference, this was our application of the training. The follow-up was positive; people shared what they had done and even thanked our pastor for the opportunity. He stated that there would more opportunities like this to give us experience and preparation for what we are all called to do, share the gospel and make disciples.

As I sat in my office today, I was really excited that we are seeing a positive outcome from the conference. As I talked with my pastor about this E-News update, he shared that he is already looking into other training options for leaders in our church. Kevin Peck was right, you can do it, just sit down and work at it.

Please let me know how you are progressing with what you learned at the conference.

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