From ACGC – May 8, 2019

                                  Steve Lawson

Last week, over 80 people gathered at Ladore Conference and Retreat Center in Waymart, Pa. for our Leadership Conference “Passing the Mantle.” In planning this conference, our desire was to give everyone something very practical so they could walk away with a realistic strategy for developing leaders in their ministries. From the feedback I have heard, it was a success. Hopefully you will hear from attending pastors of how this showed them how to develop a plan to help their church members grow in becoming stronger leaders, equipped to share their faith.

During the conference, Dr. Kevin Peck walked us through the process of creating a leadership development program for our churches, including a baseline for those in the pews and building on each level of leadership up to elders. It was great to see so many of our younger pastors, pastors and church leaders from each of our regions, plus the Cabrizos family from the Philippines fellowshipping and interacting with each other and with our speaker. These participants were divided into small groups with people they knew and ministered close to geographically. Our goal was for them to work together to develop plans, holding each other accountable to put them into practice when they got back home.

As you hear about what the participants learned and see the results, I hope you will want to learn about developing leaders in your own ministry. I encourage you to read Kevin Peck’s (with co-author Eric Geiger) book “Designed to Lead.” This book shares the biblical thinking behind leadership development and the practical ways you can develop your own strategy.

The exciting takeaway from this conference was that developing and training leaders is not difficult or time-consuming, and that it needs to be a priority in our ministry.

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