From ACGC – November 6, 2019

Dr. Cynthia Lee, medical missionary for Advent Christian Missions gets all dressed up for church at Banner Chapel AC Church in Benson, N.C., after the congregation reaches their Penny Crusade goals.

As we look back at our history, it’s obvious that our work in International Missions has always been a major component to Advent Christian General Conference’s work. Penny Crusade giving has largely supported the annual budget of our missions department and reflects the heart of our churches to see the gospel spread throughout the world. To all the churches that have participated in Penny Crusade: thank you!

It’s interesting to read about how different churches approach Penny Crusade. Historically, I remember having the boys-versus-girls competition in our church with a chart showing our giving progress. I have heard of pastors eating on the roof of the church, shaving their heads or doing other odd things to help motivate people to give to missions. Over the last few years, many churches have changed to using the materials over an eight-month time frame to keep the mission message before the church for prayer and support throughout the year. All of these efforts have been used to keep our people involved and knowledgeable about what is happening in our mission fields.

For several years, we’ve seen the total giving to Penny Crusade slowly go down – but that decline coincides with our reduction in numbers of churches and overall Advent Christian members. I believe the commitment of our people continues to be strong in relation to supporting International Missions efforts through ACGC. Our desire to share Christ with unreached people groups around the world and underserved areas of North America has not diminished, but we pray that our commitment to be good stewards with every penny that God blesses will be sharpened and honed to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Thanks again for your support and sacrifice. Please continue to pray for God to provide and guide us as we serve him!

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