From ACGC – October 2, 2019

                                 Steve Lawson

Our world is getting smaller and smaller in terms of keeping in touch. Between cell phones with no long distance, texting, e-mail, Facebook and websites, it is easy to keep up with what is going on if one wants to invest the time and effort. I want to encourage you make it a priority to keep in touch with what is happening with ACGC and with your conferences and regions. If you are reading this, I may be preaching to the choir but there are other areas beyond E-News to keep in touch.

  • International Missions Prayer Network: these e-mails come out on Thursdays and gives prayer items from all over the world, beyond what is shared in the E-news. However, please use this update carefully and do not share on public sites for the safety of those involved in ministry. To receive, please e-mail
  • Social Media: Have you liked our Facebook page to get the updates of what is going on around the denomination? We have recently launched our official Instagram account as well. Visit us at and follow us on Instagram: @acgcdenom
  • Advent Christian Voices: a great discussion board to hear about important issues and share opinions. Visit:

For those who prefer the printed page, we have a number of options:

  • AC Witness: We began a new format with the first issue of 2019. The design of the magazine has changed, as well as the content and features. The writing focuses on elements of our strategic plan, Advent Christian theology and practical ministry issues. For subscription information, contact Dawn Rutan at
  • Maranatha Devotional Guide: A daily devotional on a five-day-a-week format written by Advent Christians for Advent Christians. For subscription information, contact Dawn Rutan at
  • The Bulletin: This a new publication that is being sent out through the postal service. It is a quarterly newsletter designed to be a point of connection and information for those who may not connect with us in the digital realm. Our third issue was just sent out; have you seen it? If not, inquire at church or contact us here at ACGC ( We can send you a copy or if your church would like, we can send them in bulk so that they may be added to your bulletin.

We encourage you to know what is going on and we want to connect with you, with your church and with your pastor/leadership. Please make it a priority to look into these way to stay connected with what God is doing in the Advent Christian Church around the world.

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