From ACGC – September 4, 2019

Steve Lawson

This past week we have been getting ready for next week’s Executive Council meetings. This is always a major task that involves writing reports, getting others to write reports, working through an agenda, scheduling for housing/airport pickups, and working through a new budget for the coming year. All of this involves both looking backward at how we have done through the last 12 months and looking ahead at what is coming and what we can afford to do or not to do. These issues have become especially hard as we have seen the downward trends in giving to United Ministries, Penny Crusade, Christmas in October, and overall undesignated giving. I believe over the last two years our work with the strategic plan has been well received and has been beneficial throughout the regions. However, shifting our finances and commitments from our ongoing ministries to our critical areas is painful because we are talking about ministry needs, people, and relationships.

I believe in our strategic plan and the fact that these key areas are critical for us to address if we are to survive as a denomination. I also believe ACGC can and will make a difference. There are tough decisions that have to be made and it is vital that we have prayer support from all of you as we go into these meetings. Our meetings will begin Tuesday, September 10th with our superintendents gathering here in Charlotte to talk through critical relationships and ministry goals for the coming year in preparation for the council meetings. On Wednesday, 11th, the superintendents will continue meeting and our subcommittee will meet to prepare business items. We will also have orientation for our new council members, Rev. Steve Epting and Jeremy Jones. First thing Thursday Morning September 12th the full Executive Council will begin meeting at 9 am with a full agenda for the next two days. I want to ask you to begin now to pray for these meetings and to be in prayer as we meet through Friday afternoon.

Please Pray:

  • That God will prepare our hearts and minds as we read over the reports.
  • That we would all come together seeking God’s guidance as we make decisions for kingdom work.
  • For President Paul Dean, as he leads the meetings to be bold in guiding us to wrestle with critical needs.
  • For each council member to focus on God purpose, plan, and will as we work together.


Finally, I would ask that you take the time to find out who your regional president, superintendent, and representative are and contact them and let them know you are praying for them and our meetings. This will be an encouragement to them to know you are praying and that you see these meetings as important. Thanks in advance for your participation in this season of prayer.




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