Ministry Overview

Established:  1994

Affiliated:  1995

Churches:  13

Members:  1,782 (2010)

Field Leader:  Simon Bissah


Current Ministry

In Ghana, many people walk four, some six, some 10 miles to get to an Advent Christian church by 10:30 to 11:00 a.m., and they still have energy to worship once they arrive. The worship is exciting and powerful. Dancing is a delightful part of it.

Our Ghana Advent Christian Conference has grown from two to 13 churches since its founding in 1995, with a membership of nearly 1,800. They are doing great things for God. Their vision is greater than their resources; but if limited to their resources, what would they be expecting of God?

Conference President Simon Bissah:  “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ was much on us as the year 2010 ended successfully. We started the year with about 11 branches and ended with 12 branches. There has been an increase in membership from 1,622 to 1,782 for the year 2010.

“The number of churches that we are managing as a conference is growing and we have limited resources to manage such a number effectively because of the distant locations, so the conference has decided that we would divide the country into regions where programs like conventions and other administrative issues can be handled within the regions. This would enable the conference to save a little money for thenew churches we intend to plant in the near future. We now have another branch at Sraso.

“We are currently raising a structure for the Nsakye branch and have placed the metal pillars that would hold the roof.

“Ministry in Ghana is growing despite challenges. We are facing ejection from the land where we have the main headquarters branch.”

Ghana is at the heart of our program of Business Development Grants (BDG).  One grant was awarded in 2010.  The conference has suggested a change of strategy regarding how to proceed.  They thought it best to ask those who desire to participate to begin a savings program.  The BDG funds will be used as matching funds for those who have reached certain goals of savings.  This is an effort to increase the financial independence of our conference members, enabling them to better support their churches, pastors and conference.  Advent Christian General Conference hopes to contribute to the alleviation of poverty without creating dependency.

The BDG started nicely with Mrs. Martha Zanu, our first BDG recipient, who used the money to expand her small kenkey (local food made from maize) business. She was able to employ two more hands in addition to what she already has. She claims the business is going on well, but has some problems. The committee handling the program believes they are initial problems and may, in time, be solved.