Ministry Overview

Established:  1990

Affiliated:  2002



Field Leader:  Ray & Ledy Marco


Current Ministry Cristo Salva (Jesus Christ Saves) is in the Santa Barbara district, two hours from San Pedro Sula airport. The small towns of Las Varas and Macuelizo serve as a ministry hub to the many outlying towns and villages.

The mission of Cristo Salva, which began in 1990, is to serve the people of Honduras by demonstrating the Gospel in the most practical terms to the hurting and needy:

home-to-home visits   food, clothing, family care kits (shampoo, personal hygiene items, etc.), hats, bandanas, and prayer.

children’s sponsorships  school uniforms, shoes, backpacks & school supplies

local church assistance  with attendance, resources, talents and fellowship, pastoral training,  workshops, mentors, and worship leaders’ seminars, Spanish Sunday school material, Spanish Bibles and tracts.

community participation  in local building projects, providing Christian programming for a local TV station, hiring local men and women for projects and training them for “cottage industries” that help them earn money to support their families; three staffers teach at Morning Star Bilingual School in Sula.

health and well-being   free medical and dental clinics in Macuelizo and with mobile clinics in surrounding villages; children’s vitamins, prenatalcare, diet education,sanitation training, school dental care and care kits.

short-term mission trips   four a year, one or two week trips. Every person is useful to the ministry-- doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, pharmacists, construction workers, and every variety of energetic volunteer.

To participate in a short-term mission trip, sponsor a child, donate, or provide Care Kits (Family Kit, Baby Kit, School Kit), please visit www.cristosalva.org.


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