From ACGC – March 20, 2019

                                    Steve Lawson

This week, I want to unfold our Leadership Development training program. Matt Larkin, Jack Mumford and Adrian Dixon, along with a few others who have helped to develop this program, have done a great job planning out a three-year ministry training plan. This program, entitled “Ministry Training Institute (M.T.I),” will focus on “Empowering God’s Church to Fulfill God’s Mission.”

Over the three years, each student will have 15 courses designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, theology and ministry. The first year will focus on biblical studies; the second year will concentrate on theological studies; the third year will give opportunity for ministry training. Course work will be three-credit-hour audio/visual lessons that follow a blended learning style.

Throughout the program, students will gather monthly for symposium discussions (intensive discussions and higher level activities that show what you know, as well as demonstrate key competencies). During each year, students will participate in two to three seminars on a specific topic for a limited period of time (six to eight hours) meant to round out the student’s education. Students will select a “track,” which are individual pathways that function as a way to customize the course to a student’s unique context. Tracks will include church planters, pastors and missionaries.

M.T.I. is a church-based hub program patterned after the Jerusalem model (located in Acts). While M.T.I. is not a perfect parallel to the Jerusalem church (for it is neither apostolic, nor authoritative, nor a church), it does seek to bring the same level of nurture, care and biblical aid to all local churches by helping them to raise up their own leaders from within and to seek out qualified leaders to train and strengthen. Students will also be involved in apprenticeships where they will serve the local church at least 150 hours a year in various ministries and under the leadership, direction and authority of an appointed mentor and local church leadership team.

At present, we are on track to be able to launch the first year of this new training approach this fall and will be able to, as a result, offer it at each of our field office locations. From there, it is my hope that we will be able to grow the number of locations where this program will be offered as we grow and expand our field office presence around the United States and, eventually, internationally. If you know of an emerging leader or someone in leadership that would like to take the next step into a ministry position, please contact one of our field office directors, your superintendent or call ACGC.

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