/amˈbasədər/ (n) - a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

The Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to travel to an international mission site in order to return home to share your experience with your local church.


We have found that nothing ignites a heart for missions like personally going and seeing. After your trip you will be equipped to share your story with your home church and our prayer is that the Lord will turn more hearts toward missions.


Join an existing trip or we will work with you to create a new trip. 

Liberia Ambassador Trip

October 17-29

Estimated Cost: $2,500

Leader: Bryce Whiting, Africa/Europe Area Director

As an Ambassador, you can be a catalyst for growing your church's commitment to obeying Christ's mandate of making disciples of all nations.



If the Ambassador Program is not for you, click below to find your role in missions.


Do I have to have prior experience on the mission field?

No. An openness and willingness to experience new things is all that is required. Whether experienced in international travel or not, we will help prepare you for the challenges with information and pre-trip meetings.

What qualifications do I need to meet?

We are looking for people who are actively part of their local church, are known by their church to have an interest in missions and are desiring to be an advocate for missions in their church.

How old do I have to be to be an ambassador?

There are no age restrictions. If a parent/guardian wishes their child to join the trip, it may be possible, though it is not normally advisable. In such cases, the parent/guardian will take full responsibility for the minor child.

How will I share what I learn with my church?

There are many ways of sharing with your church: giving a formal presentation during a worship service, preparing a slide presentation, giving a presentation to the church board, and casual conversations. We recommend inviting small groups of people to your home to share your experience with them.

What if I don’t have enough money to go on the trip?

You will need to do fundraising. We can help you with ideas and guidelines for fundraising.

Is there an application process to be an ambassador?

Though there is no formal application, ACGC International Missions staff will meet with you to discuss potential problems or issues that would prevent you from going on a trip. It is highly recommended that you discuss your desire to be an ambassador with your pastor and/or church leadership. ACGC reserves the right to deny trip participation.

Will I be traveling alone or in a group?

You will be traveling as part of a group guided by a missions leader who is familiar with the mission field to which you will be going.

How can I learn about fund raising and other trip requirements?

Once you have expressed interest in being an ambassador by giving us your name and contact information, we will contact you with more specific information about the upcoming trip. Several months prior to the trip, you will be invited to pre-trip video/phone meetings to discuss requirements and fundraising.

 Isn’t it more cost-effective to send money than to go on a trip?

Money is an essential part of supporting mission work, but it is not the only important part. Fervent prayers, encouragement, mutual upbuilding, and financial support all increase from personal investment. When you make the personal investment and sacrifice of visiting a mission field, you open yourself to allow the Lord to change your perspective and priorities in a way that giving alone cannot do.

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