Ministry Overview

Established:  1880

Affiliated:  1973 (ACCI); 1980 (FBHC)

Churches:  73 (ACCI); 29 (FBHC)

Members:  25,000 (ACCI); 5,000 (FBHC)

Field Leader:  Moses Barnabas (ACCI); Prabu Manu (FBHC); Immanuel (Mission Manager)


Current Ministry

Advent Christian Conference of India’s (ACCI) ministries are:

  • 73 churches and preaching stations -- in and around Chennai, approximately 25,000 members. A total of 130 Pastors and Bible Women serve here in South India.
  • 6 Primary Schools, 7 Middle Schools and 3 High Schoolsaffiliated with the government education system; free education for children from poorer homes in and around Chennai
  • Grace Helen Schache Memorial Silver Fern Hostel at Guindy, Chennai. Hostel for orphans/underprivileged children – approximately 150 children.
  • ACCI Outreach Ministry in Khagaria, Bihar State, North India.  Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team of 11 fellow pastors have established 16 churches and prayer cells.
  • St Xavier’s School - anEnglish medium Primary/Middle School in Khagaria, Bihar State -- approximately 450 children grades 1 to 10, mainly staffed with teachers from Tamil Nadu. Pastor Paul Sunder Raj and his team member are deputy Principal and Principal. A “bridge” from the Christian outreach ministry to the community.
  • ACCI Outreach ministry at Adda Road, Andhra Pradesh State, South India.Pastor Paul Gantham. Small church plant in rural Andhra Pradesh, congregation of about 35 adults and about the same number of children; a significant area ministry for the Lord.

Fellowship of Blessed Hope Churches (FBHC):

29 churches/preaching stations -- in and around Chennai and in the southern part of Tamil Nadu State, approximately 5,000 members. 23 Pastors and 1 Bible Women.

YESUWAY JEEVAN ( “Jesus is the Life”) MISSION
Chennai, India

Formerly known as American Advent Mission, Yesuway Jeevan Mission (YJM) now brings hope to people in a wider area of India,  thanks to adding ministry partners.

Yesuway Jeevan Mission already works closely with the two Advent Christian (AC) Conferences -- the Advent Christian Conference of India (ACCI) and the Fellowship of Blessed Hope Churches (FBHC) -- both based in Chennai, a city in Tamil Nadu State. These organizations represent 130+ years of AC ministry in India.

Since 2009, YJM has expanded its involvement in Christian ministry by seeking out a number of organizations which it supports financially. These ten ministry partners are now spread over four states of India:

  • six in Tamil Nadu
  • two in Andhra Pradesh State
  • one in Bihar State
  • one in Manipur State

Each of them reports to Mission Manager Immanuel and receives visits from him or other YJM staff.

The ministry partners are chiefly involved in care and welfare:

  • five care for orphans and underprivileged, sick or handicapped children
  • one is a rehabilitation center for adults affected by HIV/AIDS and /or alcohol or drug addiction
  • one is a large children’s home/school for poor children
  • three are outreach ministries of the Advent Christian Conference of India in other States of the country

Most of these partners, particularly those which care for children, are residential. As well as being cared for and educated, the children are involved in Christian activities, taught Christian principles, and pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yesuway Jeevan Mission Partners:

Shelter Trust Hostel, Chennai – a home for children and young adults with HIV/AIDS

Good Samaritan Trust Chennai -  ministers to children from several poor fishing villages – daily homework center, Sunday School, medical assistance

Grace Helen Schache Memorial Silver Fern Hostel, Chennai –approximately 100 orphans/underprivileged children

Stepping Stone Innovation, Chennai – rehabilitation center for adults affected by HIV/AIDS and/or alcohol and drug dependency - provides job skill training and placement

New Life Childrens Home, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu – 32 orphans/underprivileged children

Christ Special High School for the Physically Challenged, Sangkarapuram, Tamil Nadu – residential high school - approximately 100 physically/intellectually challenged children

BalunayakBanjara Tribal Ministries, Mahabubabad.Andhra Pradesh– an ACCI outreach

Adda Road Outreach, Andhra Pradesh – an ACCI outreach church plant

Emmanuel’s School and Children’s Home, Chandel, Manipur –approximately 450 students

Bihar Outreach of ACCI – St Xavier’s school - approximately 1,010 children and 13 church plants in Khagaria area

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