International Missions – April 11, 2018

             Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Few of our African pastors have any formal theological training, yet the optimist will argue that one’s dedicated personal study will allow him to firmly take the Bible in hand and grasp the essentials of the gospel. The challenge grows greater, however, when the pastor has no Bible study helps. How can a pastor “rightly divide the Word of truth” without Bible helps? Imagine preparing a sermon without concordances, commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries or any books written on the subject of interest.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Conference President Bertin Mwanya understands these basic study needs of the pastors.

This Easter, Bertin brought pastors together to train them in the history of the Passover, the importance of the Passover feast, the Lord’s Supper as instituted by the Lord Jesus and the celebration of the resurrection. The pastors then were instructed to take this teaching to their own flocks in a seminar from March 28-30.

The various events ended with the seven churches in the Lubumbashi district coming together for communion and the preaching of the Word.

In Nigeria, pastors requested Strong’s Concordances to assist in their personal studies. This past December, a gift from the Pastor’s Library Fund was sent, allowing them to access a Bible bookstore in the area and get these concordances.

In Tanzania and Malawi, we sent money from that same fund for Bibles that contain study helps, providing every pastor with a new Bible.

A more difficult hurdle was faced when the request came from one field for teachings to be placed on CDs and mailed to them. The request was granted, but after several months, the shipment still has not arrived. As God would have it, I am going to see those pastors in May and will carry with me new copies of those teachings.

We are privileged to be used by the Lord to help our Christian brothers arm themselves with the powerful Word of God to fulfill the words of the prophet that “the knowledge of the Lord shall fill all the earth.”

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