International Missions – April 17, 2019

                              Former Witchdoctor


When there was no church in a village, Pastor Johnson Odoyo went and began preaching in the middle of the marketplace. There were both great results and great opposition. When people professed their new faith in Jesus Christ, the village elders threatened Johnson: “You will not make it out of here alive.”

Then they saw people being healed, their own hearts were changed and they made a new declaration: “You must come and hear this man.” Witchdoctors brought their own powers against this man of God and failed. One of them is a pastor today. Another is a member of Johnson’s flock learning more and more about Jesus the Lord.

This was only two years ago. Today, the Lord is using the networks of these new believers to enlarge his family.

Pastor Johnson told me over the phone:

We have a men’s group. We meet on Saturdays and go to a brother’s house. He has invited his friends to come. We worship, pray and share the gospel. Many are meeting Jesus Christ.

On Tuesdays, the women’s group meets at the house of a sister. Each week it is a different house. The woman of the house invites her friends to come. They worship, pray and share the gospel. Many women are getting saved.

We now have a youth club. Once a week they play football [soccer] against another team. After the game, we share the gospel. Six youth have given their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Johnson is recommending this strategy to the other churches in the Tanzania AC Conference.

… And the Lord added to their number day by day
those who were being saved (Acts 2:47, ESV).

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