International Missions – August 8, 2018

    Augusto Ocho Simbi

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Conference President Augusto Oche Simbi wrote on August 1, 2018 that his conference has established three new churches.

Greetings in Jesus’s mighty name.

I would like to inform you that we have opened three new branches at Caia district.
• Pastor John Inacio – Ntalara Branch
• Pastor Izeck Thomo – Chilimba 2 Branch
• Pastor Kizito Nkakomba – Murracia

We praise God for his wondrous works in this ministry.


Johnson Odoyo has been traveling to visit pastors. Two weeks ago, he also traveled to the capital (Dodoma) to expedite the registration of the Advent Christian Conference in Tanzania. Papers had reportedly been filed when former President Hezron Michael Nyaoro made that trip in April. Johnson discovered that the reason for the lack of progress is that there was no current record of certain documents which had reportedly been filed. He proceeded to file the necessary documents and is now awaiting the results.

While in Dodoma, Johnson preached in a large church on Sunday. There was standing-room-only inside, and many were outside the church looking in. At a certain point in the service, Johnson boldly went outside to pray for them. He testifies, “The demons in them tried to run away, but the Holy Spirit caused them to fall down and they could not move.” When he prayed for them, they were able to get to their feet and surrendered their hearts to the Lord Jesus.

“And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, ‘We have seen extraordinary things today’” (Luke 5:26).


Months ago, a family doctor diagnosed each of Alain Don’Tony’s three children with tuberculosis. I called a couple of days ago to find that the family had just returned with great joy from the hospital having tested totally negative for tuberculosis. Praise the Lord!

Alain is Congolese. He married a South African 12 years ago and has three children, but his visa renewal was rejected earlier this summer and he was ordered to leave the country. With some borrowed money, he hired a lawyer who applied him for a permanent residency visa. Alain will receive a report on his visa application on August 8, 2018.


Pastor Ken Perkins from Nova Scotia is presently in Malawi offering Bible training to pastors and church leaders. There is a severe drought there. With a gift from his donors, he purchased 60 large sacks of grain to feed some hungry families. We thank God for caring donors.