International Missions – December 4, 2019

         Jeff Walsh

Early December Highlights
From Jeff Walsh, Director of International Missions

Here’s a few mission highlights I’d like to make you aware of:

Christmas in October – Gifts were sent in November to our active and retired missionaries as well as to our affiliated ministry partners. We’ve already heard back from people in several countries with notes of appreciation and encouragement.

2020 Prayer Guides – We still have 2020 Prayer Guides in stock that can be sent to you and your church. Don’t miss this opportunity to pray for all our ministries throughout next year. Let us know how many copies you would like as soon as possible. Contact us at or 704-545-6161, ext. 211.

Penny Crusade – Penny Crusade is the main source of funding support for our missionaries and ministry partners. As of December 1, we still need over $56,000 to make the budget in 2019. If your church has not yet sent a Penny Crusade contribution, please do so as soon as possible.

Prayer Network – Every Thursday, we send out prayer updates by email to those who have subscribed. In the Prayer Network, you’ll find bullet point prayer requests reflecting specific current needs from our missionaries and ministries. To subscribe, contact us at or 704-545-6161, ext. 211.

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