International Missions – December 5, 2018

                                 The Laurels before (R) and after (L)

E-News from Latin America Area Director John Gilbert

Honduras – Cristo Salva

We have been visiting the families at the Laurels for many years. I (Carol Kline) remember vividly our visit with them the first time I went to Honduras almost 12 years ago. We learned during July’s trip that the government would be bulldozing homes in preparation for the road expansion. I have to say, it was very hard to round the corner and see the land where houses once stood. However, when we saw the plans for where they would be relocated, we became very excited for the Hondurans. The government has purchased a couple plots of land and will construct a simple one-room home for each of the families. They will have power, water and a baño (bathroom) – things they have never had.

The plot where the new homes are is beautiful and close to where they were located before. There will be 14 little homes on this one plot, with two churches constructed nearby and both the school and Colegio within a few minutes’ walk. While the houses are being built, the government has rented them homes to live in. We are incredibly grateful that God has provided for them!

                 The New Homes

The only negative side of this new living situation is that the families will not have any land to grow crops or raise animals. Cristo Salva has the opportunity to purchase a small plot of land near their new homes so they can have space for their crops and animals. The land comes with the stipulation that they cannot sell or lease the land to anyone else and that it will be passed down to the next generation (the same stipulation the government put on their new homes).


“Centro Cristiana Restauracion” (Christian Center for Restauration ) has opened their “Comedor Infantil” (Children’s Feeding Program). Thanks to the WHFMS Bread of Life program, the food will be able to be sustained along with income from the church. The picture was taken during the third week of the program in the developing Ensenada suburb of “Salvador Rosas Magallon.” This week, they served about 35 children and have faith that it will grow to at least 50 through the invitations they are distributing throughout the community.


A lovely “thank you” letter from former missionaries (Japan) Floyd and Musa Powers:

Dear Jeff,

Your letter, accompanying the Christmas in October check, was the best – speaking from your experience. Thank you.

We are always blessed to receive the Christmas in October gift. Over the years, we have used it for a variety of things. I am trying to recall when the Christmas in October started. We have been recipients for 50 years at least. Unbelievable! We should not live so long.

Advent Christian people have been generous. They supported us our whole career. We did try to keep them informed of our activities, though we did not have many glowing reports. However, there is a conference of Advent Christians in Japan and we thank God for them. We were not trained to do many things, but the Lord arranged situations and we did the best we could. Thankful for his presence with us.

Thank you to all the givers and to you for representing them.

Floyd and Musa Powers

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