International Missions – June 12, 2019

Ambassadors to Liberia

We are gearing up for a trip to Liberia in October. This is a “come and see” venture for those who would like to participate. When the disciples of John the Baptist asked the Lord Jesus, “Where do you live?” he replied, “Come and see!” Their lives were never the same after that.

God is inviting some to come and see the needs. Liberia is a country still reeling from battles with decades of civil war, diseases, government corruption and all of the issues that rest in a Majority World country. These apparent needs are mere symptoms of the greatest need of all, which is a relationship with the God who formed them.

He is inviting us to come and see the harvest. While most observe only the problems, the Lord Jesus points us toward the opportunities. There is a hunger for the biggest God, the greatest God AND the One who rules over all other gods. There is a listening ear in Liberia as many are longing for good news.

Moses Gbaa, Liberia Conference President

He invites us to come and see how God’s kingdom is advancing in Liberia, despite the shortages of money, Bible colleges, proper roads, orphanages, hospitals and medical centers. Despite the shortened life span and all other perceived inconveniences, his kingdom still advances. Churches are growing and Bible knowledge is increasing.

He invites us to come and hear his voice. Certainly, we can hear him speak from this side of the Atlantic, but there can be no question that different callings are clarified by what we see.

So far, five followers of the Lord Jesus have expressed their desire to come and see our Liberia ministry. We do not know what awaits us, but there is confidence that a portion of our lives will be changed. If you would like more information about this trip or would like to join us in this inspiring endeavor, please go to our website or contact our mission office at to register.

(submitted by Bryce Whiting, Africa Area Director)




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