International Missions – June 13, 2018

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

Prayers in Africa

In Africa, regular communication with God is taken very seriously. In a few countries, the weekly church service is commonly referred to as “prayers.” Instead of asking, “Are you coming to church this week?” They may say, “Are you coming for prayers?”

We received a recent e-mail from the Nigeria AC Conference: “Do you have some prayer topics for us to pray about for you and ACGC? Please send them to us. We will be having a two-day fasting and prayer conference from Wednesday to Thursday this week.” It is not often we receive a request like this. To answer was a refreshing pleasure.

In Tanzania, Pastor Nyaoro was examining some issues before him and went “to the mountain” for a time of fasting and prayer.

Prayer precedes revival meetings in Liberia. The conference sends representatives from each church for a week of prayer and fasting. Then, open-air evangelism is scheduled, followed by baptisms. The Buchanan AC Church baptized four new converts after the Easter season (pictured below).

After much prayer, Simeon Nzishura reports a new church in Buramata in the Bubanza Province with 80 members already attending. The conference now has plans to start a new church on the border of Tanzania in the area of Mugina. Good news comes from the church in Bujumbura City with 140 people receiving baptism and 20 new church members.

“Call to Me, and I WILL ANSWER…!” (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV)

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