International Missions – May 15, 2019

                          Mozambique Baptisms

From Bryce Whiting, Africa/Europe Area Director

Recent Baptisms

In Luke 15, the Lord Jesus speaks of “great joy” when a sheep is found and when a lost coin is recovered. But none of these can compare to the joy in heaven when “one sinner repents.”

The Easter season in Africa brings a lot of angelic dancing in heaven, for the family of God is expanding. This is not humanly measured by hands that are raised, nor by knees bent in prayer at the altar, but by baptisms.

  • In Liberia, one church alone reports 14 baptisms this month.
  • Mozambique sent baptism photos.
  • Kenya held an open-air evangelistic crusade and baptized 61 newborn members of the family of God.
  • Tanzania reported from three churches baptisms of 15, 18 and 22 people.

                                    Kenya Crusade

…And the angels just keep dancing, because somewhere in the
world the one who was lost is being found. Someone, who
was dead, is alive again, and the family of God keeps expanding.

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