International Missions – September 11, 2019


The pastors of the Kenyan AC Conference are facing starvation due to a terrible drought. The fields are dried up and the price of food has escalated exponentially. ACGC sent some emergency relief and the brothers met together this week to share it equally. Although our gift amounted to only a drop in the proverbial bucket once divided among them all, they were most grateful for it.

What followed this thrills me.

They sang, worshiped and thanked the Lord for their American brothers and sisters. They heard a message from the Word of God coming from Pastor Henry Nyabuto on Hebrews 10:24-25: “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together … ” (KJV).

Then they considered some conference business, among which is an upcoming Women’s Conference in December of this year (2019). Before they journeyed back to their churches and families, they joined in a circle of prayer.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Conference President Bertin Mwanya is presently in Johannesburg, South Africa attending a conference on Bible translation representing the AC Conference in the Congo.

Submitted by Area Director Bryce Whiting

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