Ministry Overview

Established:  1995

Affiliated:  2001

Churches:  26

Members:  2,149 (2010)

Field Leader:  Peter Motende


Current Ministry

Since 2001 the work in Kenya, despite its challenges, has grown. Speaking for his pastors, the Conference President explains, “All our many and great challenges have truly proven to be good opportunities to continue moving ahead with the gospel of Christ. Praise God!”

As do many Africans, Kenyans struggle with poverty and the impact of AIDS.  Ministries have many ways to address urgent physical and spiritual need all around them. For the Advent Christian Conference of Kenya, evangelical crusades, a strong women’s ministry, andchurch planting begin the outreach. Pastoral trainingorphan care, and schools then offer community stability.

One Advent Christian evangelical crusade drew1,000 people, and at least100 dedicated their lives to Christ. Conference women also have a very active ministry, led by Elizabeth Nyambeki. From these outreaches, churches are planted but there aren’t always facilities for worship services. Two churches meet under trees; two others use school property for their Sunday meetings. That has not deterred outreach, however, even into neighboring countries. In 2005-06, the Kenya Conference had a ministry mushrooming in Tanzania, and was working with a contact in Uganda, hoping one day to begin a church there.

At AC Conference headquarters in Riouso, President Peter Motende and his leaders seek to entrust their pastors with spiritual discipline and encouragement. Their churches operate within five regions, each region headed by an overseer pastor who administers from three to ten congregations. The system offers churches easier access and accountability to each other and the Conference. Working mainly among the Kisii people of western Kenya, Advent Christian pastors seek training in preaching the gospel and Advent Christian doctrine. Advent Christian General Conference and/or the Kenya AC Conference occasionally provide seminars and mentoring services. An African AC leaders’ convention in Nigeria was hosted by Kenya’s Past AC President Simeon Rianga.

Poverty and AIDS especially affect children and families. Our Kenya AC churches have organized a school which serves approximately 150 students. The David Morse Orphanage was named in memory of a beloved member of the Newsong Advent Christian Church in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, which had funded two church structures for the Conference, one which was also named after Mr. Morse. In November of 2007 the David Morse Orphanage had 41 children under its care.

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